Beware the addiction of 3-play!!

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 30, 2000

Sports Editor

I’ve found a new addiction sports fans and like any good addict I don’t feel good until everyone else is addicted as well.

The nature of my current problem comes from the every growing draw of the internet. Yes there are plenty of things like email, chat rooms and other things that could draw you in, but leave it to me to find a sports-related addiction on the one thing most people use just to look up dirty pictures on.

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If you’re brave enough to test your strength against this particular internet bug, click on and register for an account on the site under the fantasy games heading. After you’ve gotten your screen name go to the "3-play" heading that should be right towards the top of the screen.

In this particular "fantasy" game that ESPN offers, you are given, completely at random, three different athletes. They might play basketball, baseball, golf or might even be a horse in the Belmont Stakes.

From there you can read under each player how many points you will get for a particular feat. Depending on how well say a basketball player does, you might get 15 points for every point scored or 45 points for every rebound. It varies from player to player in accordance with their average or sport.

At first I thought this was just a silly trick to get all these fantasy sports hounds to click on their web site every day. Little did I know that this is a FANTASTIC way to get EVERY sports fan to… uh, yep you got it, click on their web site every day.

If you just so happen to get the three best players on that given day and score the highest of anyone playing, you receive a cash award. Some days it is as much as $5,000 and others it is $2,500. You can also earn bonus money by scoring over 3,500 points with the potential of earning in the neighborhood of $23,000!

You start thinking… How in the heck can they give away THAT much money? It’s because these guys have found out that hundreds of thousands of people are clicking to every single day!! They, just like me, are addicted!

I think it’s great. It’s absolutely free and it gets you excited about sports that you might not ever have given a second thought.

Like this weekend for example, I had Dale Earnhardt Jr. Now I respect NASCAR for the great sport that it is, but I’m not that big a fan personally, This weekend however, I was glued to the TV mainly because I was hoping ole E-Junior would pull it off. And it looked like he would right up until that last pit stop!

The same can be said for a number of other sports you might draw from on the game.

Now I haven’t ever ranked higher than 2000th place on the game even on my best day, but it is still fun to imagine getting lucky and putting three classic performances together and taking home the big dough!!

I’m not always about endorsing stuff like this, but this is good clean fun and could turn you on to a different sport. And after you’re addicted, just call me you’re 3-play pusher man!