Opinions vary on children

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 24, 2000

under 14 being tried as adults


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People on the street have mixed emotions about the Alabama law that prohibits teens under age 14 from being tried as an adult for murder.

Some think parents should be held responsible for murders committed by their children under the age of 14, while others think the children are responsible for their own actions.

"I think at the age of 14, parents are in charge of their children and they are the ones who teach their children right from wrong,"Karen Pettry of Troy said.

Kendra F. Scott of Troy agrees with Pettry in that parents need to be held responsible for the actions of their children.

"I think it’s a good law to have especially because they are so young," Scott said. "It starts at home. Parents should instill responsibility in their children. The Bible says, ‘don’t take a life,’

and I try to control my actions around my child and teach him the best I can."

Likewise, some people believe there are other ways of dealing with kids who commit murder.

"I think there should alternative methods of dealing with children who commit murder and if there is no other way out then there should be other ways established," said Joe Boutwell.

On the other side of this controversial issue there are always people who are against alternative methods of dealing with children who commit murder.

"I say no, don’t give them favorable treatment," Bill Mathews said, "If they are old enough to pull the trigger then they are old enough to pay for it."

Some people have the idea that everyone should pay for the crimes he has committed. For instance, Bill Bundy believes children who commit murder should be considered as an adult. "Definitely, I think that kids at the age of 14 and under should be treated like grown-ups," Bundy said.

"Simply, everyone who commits a murder should be considered a murderer and be treated according to their actions not their age," said Ranchhod Lakha of Troy.

Celia Dean of Troy said if a person’s actions are enough to be taken to court, then that person should speak up and face the consequences of their crime.