Teens recover from ATV wreck

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Managing Editor

April 25, 2000 10 PM

GOSHEN – A birthday party turned into a disaster Friday when five teenagers in attendance suffered injuries ranging from bruises to broken bones and facial gashes.

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The accident was the result of a four-wheeler collision April 21 around 8 p.m. in the Goshen area.

According to reports, two four-wheelers carrying five 14-year-olds collided on County Road 1020 and left the drivers and passengers battered, gashed, broken and bruised.

According to the Alabama State Troopers in Dothan, the two ATVs met head-on leaving Mary Beth Sanders, Kayla Hale, Chad Franklin, Daniel Linton, all of Goshen, and Hope Garrett of Banks with injuries. All are 14 years old.

The extent of the injuries on the teenagers ranged from outpatient visits to the emergency to being put in intensive care.

Michael Sanders, Goshen mayor and father of Mary Beth, said he is thankful that the extent of injuries to his daughter and others wasn’t any worse than it was.

"It’s serious, but we are so thankful to God that it wasn’t any worse than it turned out," Sanders said. "We still have them all here, and that is something to be thankful for."

His daughter, Mary Beth, suffered an eye injury in the accident and was forced to spend Friday night in intensive care in Montgomery.

"She suffered a deep cut to the top and side of her eye," Sanders said. "The muscle that works the eyelid was cut and that could cause problems. We are having further tests done to see if there was damage to the bones around the eye socket, so we will know more later. We just hope God continues to bless us."

Sanders and his wife brought Mary Beth back home to Goshen last night.

Daniel Linton also suffered some serious damage to his facial area when his jawbone was broken in two places as a result of the wreck. He was also hospitalized, and was released Monday.

"He is talking now," said Keith Linton, Daniel’s father. "He spent one night in the hospital in Troy (Edge Regional Medical Center) and two nights in Montgomery (Baptist)."

Linton said doctors and the repaired his son’s jaw and the surgery went well.

"It worked out wonderfully," Linton said. "We’re glad he’s OK and back home with us. He will be eating solid foods again in a week or so."

Chad Franklin is also home after hospitalization. His mother, Marquita Franklin, said her son’s knee was broken in three places, but she is glad he is better and is back home.

"He’s fine, and that’s something we certainly are thankful for," she said.

Trina Hale, mother of Kayla, said she believes that God had a great deal to do with the survival of her daughter and the others injured in the wreck.

"I really believe that God has an awesome plan for these kids," she said. "We are so happy these kids are OK. Of course some are worse than others, but the fact is that they are all alive and we feel so much relief about that."

Hale’s daughter was treated for a cut near her eye. She had stitches, but was released to go home Friday night.

"The doctors and staff that worked with these kids gave them great care, and we feel blessed by that," Hale said.

Hope Garrett of Banks was also injured and is home doing well. She said her ribs were bruised in the wreck, but that she was released to go home Friday night after x-rays were done.