Caution necessary with

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 5, 2000

suspect on the loose

April 4, 2000 11 PM

If ever there was a time for residents in the county to take precautions, this is it.

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With a suspect in a bank robbery on the loose who’s wanted on felony warrants in two states, it would seem that Constantine Burt, the man believed to be the sought in the robbery case, would have little to lose.

That’s why it is so important for people living in the areas where the suspect is being sought exercise extreme caution with regard to their possessions and their homes. Locking all doors and windows is a must, as is making sure that all firearms are safely locked away where a fugitive bent on getting a gun can’t get them.

Many vehicles have been stolen in some of the rural areas of the county in the past when people have left their keys in their vehicles, or have left their vehicles accessible to someone who is searching for quick transportation.

And though it is always a good idea to keep vehicles locked, it is even more important now than ever.

What it is also important to do is to realize that the person police are seeking is dangerous and that he is likely experienced with weapons and with fighting. We encourage people not to sleep with guns by their bedsides or in sight where anyone could obtain them and inflict harm on others.

Although it’s a common belief among many people that guns serve to protect them in times like these, the truth of the matter is that guns more often inflict harm than good when used in close quarters against people who know how to fight.

The point of all of this is really quite simple. Take every precaution possible to ensure that you and your family are safe from harm. The suspect in question hasn’t hurt anyone yet, but no one has given him a reason to do so. Be wise and make sure you don’t do anything foolish, especially now with someone who may be dangerous on the loose.