The First Annual Watson Awards!!

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 31, 2000

Sports Editor

Today we in the The Messenger Sports Department published the All-County team for high school basketball (finally!) and I feel like we had a couple of very good teams.

I’d like to put my two-cents in, however on a different level and give out my unofficial "Watson Awards" to the area athletes in some different categories that might tickle your fancy.

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And now all the legal jargon: Opinions stated in the "Watson Awards" are not necessarily the opinions of The

Messenger and its staff. They are solely the opinions of yours truly and any complaints or comments should be sent to: 000 South Brundidge Street, The Messenger bathroom, third stall on the right.

First off, I like to give my coaches an award or two. We’ll be nice to begin with.

The Easiest to Work With Award goes to: PLAS head coach Jim Ryan – Unless your an official calling against his team I don’t think you could coax a rude word out of Ryan’s mouth.

The Most Likely to say ‘No Doubt About It’ Award goes to: PCHS girls head coach Leroy Bryant – If those four words didn’t come out of Leroy’s mouth at least once while you’re talking to him I’ll eat a fuzzy worm. We love ya all the same Coach Leroy!!

The Intimidator Award goes to: CHHS boys coach Carl Hollis – If this guy’s scowl wasn’t enough to give you nightmares you must be Marilyn Manson. Noone made me edit my page more carefully than coach Hollis.

The Most Likely to Get More Excited Than His Players: PCHS boys coach David Buehler – Not only would coach Buehler be asked for his student ID at most schools, but when it came to leaping around and being exhausted after a big win, Coach B took the cake.

Now, some of my player awards.

The Mr. Hollywood Award goes to: Pike County’s Sam Diggs – If there is a camera around you can bet Mr. Diggs is flashing those pearly whites and letting others know he just schooled them.

The Please Don’t Hurt ‘Em Award goes to: Goshen’s Jamar Tucker – This junior standout was the most intimidating presence in the middle all year. Next year, lets work on not swatting those balls quite so far, some of the fans are getting bruises.

The Playing Amongst the Trees Award goes to: Pike County’s Michael Walker – This sophomore played a lot taller than he looked. Numerous times he would come out of a pile of arms and towering bodies with a rebound.

The Gimme That Award goes to: CHHS’s Jenean Deveridge – The Lady Trojans’ star guard should have taken out a patent on stealing the ball and running it down for an easy deuce.

The Sweetest Shot goes to: A pair of CHHS players, Marcus Williams and Lakory Daniels – Sometimes Williams would hang in the air long enough for milk to go bad and at the end always showed that perfect wrist motion on his shot. Daniels was just a picture of perfection with his shot. It’s scary how much better he will probably get over the next three years.

Now, some team awards.

The Suicide Sprints Award goes to: Charles Henderson Boys – These guys run sprints in their sleep after practicing with coach Hollis all season. However, they were the most fit team in the county and a better team for it.

The Hard-luck Area Award goes to: Goshen Boys and the Pike County Girls – If there was ever a case of hard luck in your Area draw it was the Eagles. Not only did they have a tough Calhoun team in Area 4, but were paired off with Area 3 which featured Clayton and Elba in the Sub-Regionals. Those four teams could compete with anyone and it was a shame only two survived it all. The same goes for the Lady Bulldogs who had to go up against Daleville and Geneva in the same Area. All three teams deserved to go to the Sub-Regionals, it just so happened PCHS was the one left out.

The Doing It With Defense Award goes to: Charles Henderson Girls – The offense wasn’t always there for the Lady Trojans, but one thing was sure night in and night out, defense was going to be played.

The Biggest Upset At Your Crib Award goes to: Pike County Boys – Not only did they beat the Eagles on their home floor, but they also went down to Daleville and beat the Warhawks for the Area Tournament Title.

Well that’s it for this installation of the Watson Awards Folks. Hope you enjoyed the basketball season even half as much as I did!

For all you graduating seniors, good luck on the hard-courts of life where ever they might take you. All you other young ones coming back next year, work on that jump shot and stay in shape. Before you know it it will be raining 3-pointers again around the county!!