Ordinance addresses abandoned vehicles

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 22, 2000

News Editor

March 21, 2000 11 PM

BRUNDIDGE – The Brundidge City Council approved a new abandoned vehicle and equipment ordinance, which will rescind the ordinance that is already on the books.

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"We got out and looked around and realized that some of the things that need to be cleaned up were not covered in the old ordinance," said Britt Thomas, Brundidge city manager. "We are not trying to make things harsher, we just want them to be more manageable."

The new ordinance still covers items like abandoned vehicles, but will also include vehicle parts, mechanical and electric items, machines, gears and other apparatus.

Council member Sherroll Tatum asked Thomas if the ordinance covered construction waste that has been left in lots. Thomas said this ordinance did not include those items, but they were covered in a previous ordinance under cleanliness of the city.

Thomas said so far the quest to clean up the city had been somewhat successful, and some of the lots have been cleaned.

"We have had a number of people who have cleaned up their lots," Thomas said. "We don’t want to come a cross as heavy handed in this."

Thomas said in order for the city not to seem harsh on the subject, letters are sent out to people who would be cited for not complying with the ordinance. He said a meeting is held for the people who have been notified by letter to see if the situation can be worked out.

"If they work with us, we keep it there," said Thomas. "If they don’t come we got right to the court process."

Thomas said one person has already been to court, and the court gave them 15 days to be in compliance with the ordinance. He said after that, if they don’t comply, it is up to the courts.

In other business …

· In Thomas’ report, he told the council the senior center is coming along, and a sewer tap will be perform before next Thursday. The metal building is scheduled to be delivered in mid- April, and concrete foundation should be pour any day.

· The city is in possession of the two sirens for the early warning system. Thomas said the sirens require a 60 ft. poles, one which the city will have to purchase and the other will be provided by South Alabama Electric Cooperative. The sirens are scheduled to be in place be mid-April. One will be placed at the ballfield and the other at the cemetery on North Main Street.

"The city of Brundidge should have 100 percent coverage," said Thomas. "The siren noise should overlap in the middle of town."

Thomas said the next order of business with the early warning system would be to develop a policy to sound the alarms in a "certain, organized manner."

Thomas suggested the city of Brundidge work with Brundidge Police Chief Moses Davenport, the city of Troy and Pike County so the warning sirens will be similar.

· The council discussed delegates to the League of Municipalities Convention. The convention will be held May 20-23. Registration is due April 19. The issue was forwarded to the April 4 meeting.

· The city of Brundidge received $1,000 appropriated by the Gov. Don Siegelman for the volunteer fire department in Brundidge. The $1,000 is in addition to the monthly tobacco tax for t volunteer fire departments.

· Brundidge Mayor Jimmy Ramage told the council the official Brundidge website can be accessed at www.brundidgeal.com

The next Brundidge City Council meeting will be held at 4 p.m. April 4, 2000 at the Bass House in Brundidge. The meetings are open to the public.