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Published 12:00 am Friday, March 17, 2000

youth ball season


Sports Editor

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Go by the Troy Park and Recreation Department this time of year and you might be asked to answer a ringing phone.

It’s the busy season for the department with youth softball and baseball beginning in only a few weeks and youth directors like Vaughn Daniels haven’t got much time to spare that isn’t centered around some sort of organizing.

"Baseball and softball season is the most demanding of the entire department," Daniels said recently. "When it comes to baseball and softball everybody works. It’s a department thing, everyone pitches in.

"There’s always a lot to do and everyone must help out because it’s so large and it involves so many people," he continued. "But I can say the people in this department work as a team to get the job done."

Right now there are around 220 girls signed up for positions on the youth softball rosters (not including the two leagues from the 13 to 18 age groups) and 633 boys signed up for baseball (not including the 15-18 league). These groups of children have come to depend on the Park and Rec department to put together their leagues. And with the efficiency and experience Daniels and the rest of the department has it sometimes makes a very hard job look easy.

"We’re kind of used to it or at least starting to get used to it, but it’s always hectic," Daniels said. "This year is kind of different than the past because our numbers were down a little bit in baseball and in softball. We had to do a few things different this year because of that, but basically it’s the same sorts of things. Each year it does get a little better as far as getting organized."

Daniels will organize the teams and try and place around 12 players on each while coordinating seasons for each team that will last from opening day on April 8 until around the first or second week in June.

Daniels did say they are a little behind because of bumping softball tryouts back a little, but they are also short on some sponsorships by local companies. The cost is $200 to sponsor a team and if you or your business would like to sponsor one he can be reached at the Troy Park and Recreation Department at 670-6050.

When one thinks about it, the work that Daniels and the rest of the Park and Rec does is important for all concerned. It touches numerous young people’s lives and creates memories that they and their parents will share from now own.

"We’re talking about more than 800 kids signed up right now, but you can just about multiply that by two more people because the parents are involved," Daniels said. "It’s a big deal to most people and it should be. All we know is there’s a lot to organize, a lot of questions and a lot to do before we can get it just right."