State treasurer shares job

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 16, 2000

duties with Kiwanis Club


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The woman often referred to as "the state’s banker" spoke to the Troy Kiwanis Club Tuesday night.

State Treasurer Lucy Baxley talked about what her job entails and the programs her office oversees.

"Running the business of the people is just like running a family…only with a lot more zeros," Baxley said.

Now in her second and last term ­ since there is a two-term limit on the job ­ Baxley has worked to return money to citizens and help fund college educations.

Citizens may be surprised to know over $90 million in unclaimed assets are being held by the state and the lucky owner could be anyone.

Unclaimed property is money and other personal funds, such as checks, insurance benefits, deposits, stocks, bonds and safety deposit box items considered to be lost or abandoned.

"We’re sending money to people," Baxley said. "We can be Robin Hood."

Baxley said helping individuals by giving them what rightly belongs to them is rewarding. She said her office was able to give $8,000 to a struggling widow who didn’t know her husband had acquired it.

"It makes you feel good about being in public office," Baxley said of helping others.

For more information about whether unclaimed property belongs to you, contact the State Treasurer’s Office at 1-888-844-8400 or

Baxley also talked about helping children through the Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Program allows parents to put money into a trust fund so money for higher education is available when the child is ready to attend a college or university.

"It’s a very very good program," Baxley said of PACT.

In addition to highlighting the programs she oversees, Baxley discussed the state’s budgets and where certain dollars go.