Forward-thinking projects

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 7, 2000

spell good things to come

It isn’t hard to see that good things are happening in Troy and Pike County as the new century dawns.

An announcement was made Monday that a $400,000 project to put up lights along Highway 231, Troy’s foremost carrier of traffic that rivals some interstates. The lights will extend from the intersection of Highway 29 to Wal-Mart, and could stretch farther, dollars allowing.

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The announcement was the first of two Monday morning, the second promising less tangible results, but something that is vitally important from a long-term standpoint for thearea.

BellSouth wants to replace an old switch that is housed in Troy through money obtained through federal legislation. Replacement of the switch itself isn’t big news, with most telephone customers unlikely to notice many differences once the new switch is in place.

What is important, though, is that without the new switch, many of the Internet technologies that have come to serve as the backbone of the communications industry will not be possible here. As economic recruitment becomes more and more competitive, it is important for small communities like Troy to be able to compete with larger metropolitan areas. And experts agree that the most valuable tools are strong public schools and top-notch infrastructure. Though infrastructure once meant highways, it has come to mean any tool that is fundamental to the development of industry, and telecommunications is becoming more important every day.

Though the new switch isn’t a done deal yet, we are hopeful to see it become a reality so that our area won’ be limited by itself when it comes to future growth and prosperity.

And finally, though perhaps as fundamentally important as the first two items, there’s the salvation of the Old Post Office.

The Old Post Office has deteriorated into an eyesore, but it has found its second wind in the form of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce that agreed to buy the building for use as a cultural center.

This preservation of heritage and beauty will serve as a highlight of our downtown area and will represent the essence of Troy and Pike County as it unites a rich past to a prosperous and hopeful future.

These three bits of news show the thought, vision and forward-thinking approach our local leaders have shown as they seek to make Pike County a better place for our children.

Thanks to all that have contributed so much to make these projects fly. These things demonstrate that perseverance – sometimes over several years and through devastating failures – is the key to making the world a better place.

March 6, 2000 10 PM