Celebrating 100 years

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 3, 2000

from Brundidge to Detroit


Features Editor

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Anyone who has been around Brundidge for the past 100 years will probably remember Lola Pryor Flowers.

She was born in Brundidge March 4, 1900, and, although she had no children of her own, she raised her sister’s children after she died and was mother and grandmother to the community of children around her.

Mrs. Flowers’ caring and concern for others made her a most loved citizen of Brundidge and she went about doing good in her quiet, unassuming way.

Tomorrow, Mrs. Flowers will celebrate 100 years of life, but she will celebrate far from the place she called home for almost all her life.

She now lives with family in Detroit but her family and friends in Brundidge have not forgotten her and what she has meant to their lives.

A garden of spring flowers is on its way to Detroit and should arrive in time for Mrs. Pryor’s birthday celebration there.

And down in Brundidge, there will also be a party going on in her honor.

Her nephew Royal Flowers and his wife Elora have planned a telephone toast to their aunt.

"Aunt Lola’s mind is as sharp as a tack and we’re going to call her and reminisce with her about the good times we have shared over the years," Flowers said. "We hope she will be surrounded by flowers when our call goes through so that it will be one of the best birthdays she has ever had."

Probably, many of Mrs. Flowers birthdays came and went quietly and some without any recognition at all.

She was one of 15 or 16 children and sometimes birthdays got lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

However, Mrs. Flowers comes from very hearty stock and the family is blessed with long lives.

Mrs. Flowers has two sisters who are nearing the centennial milestone, Vannie Brown, 96, and Lucille Pryor, the youngster at 90. Another sister died recently at age 99.

Flowers said, laughingly his family’s history of longevity gives him hope for a long life, also.

"And, the real blessing is their good physical and mental health."

Flowers said his aunt is still a vibrant, interesting woman with many stories to tell and much wisdom to impart.

"We look forward to celebrating her birthday with her," Elora said. "We hope our telephone toast will be a blessing to her. We know it will be for us."

Mrs. Flowers was married to Plez Flowers, a farmer and railroad worker. Her life as a wife, homemaker, community friend and devoted member of Pleasant Hill Church has been rich and full.

She continues to be an inspiration to all who know her and her family and friends in Brundidge want to wish her continue happiness and good health.

"We hope that everyone who knew Aunt Lola will take a few minutes tomorrow to think of her," Flowers said. "She’ll probably spend part of her day remembering the good life she had here in Brundidge."