Super Ads?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 1, 2000

Sports Editor

Looks like a lot of you watched the Super Bowl according to the ratings.

So, did the game live up to expectations? Sure, I think so. It had some great stories this year to go along with a game that was never decided until the final play.

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What else could you ask for? Well, besides maybe a few less commercials.

Was it just me or by the time the whole thing was over did you feel like that www. and .com was going to be permanently burnt onto your screen? I mean every second and third ad was promoting a web site.

Personally I wasn’t as impressed with the 3-million dollar spots as I usually am. In the 90’s those funny little 30 seconds of Bud Lite ads were about the only thing worth watching, but besides a few select ads I thought this year’s crop was disappointing.

Hats off to Mountain Dew. Even though I’ve never actually drank an entire can of the caffeine injected stuff, I have to say they did pretty well. Even those obnoxious Dew the Dew guys were kind of funny. Top ratings to the cheetah chase and the Bohemian Rhapsody take.

Budweiser came up kind of soft. The dog trying to learn how to cry and running into the truck was okay and the "WA-SUP!" guys were nice, but after Luey and the frogs from Super Bowls past I have to say I felt betrayed. Last year I couldn’t WAIT till the next Bud commercial came on, this year I got up and got another tasty beverage.

As far as the Nuveen commercial and Christopher Reeve walking… All I have to say is CreeEepy! I started checking the born on dating of my tasty beverages after I saw that one.

The only web site ads that I liked were E-trade’s. The one with the Monkey was hilarious. Although it was kinda scary that these guys could make fun of wasting 3-mil.

My favorite had to be the one where the patient on the gurney was being examined and the doctor said he had money coming out of the wazoo. Now that came at just the right time in the night to be down right hilarious. In the fourth quarter, everyone is excited about the game and more than likely pretty happy if you’re true football fans. Great ad.

Overall though I was letdown. I’m no expert, but even though no Super Bowl Ads ever made me rush out and go buy something, the least they could do for 3-million is make you laugh.

I do know this though, if I see another www or .com on my screen I’m going to need a lot more than a tasty beverage to calm me down.