CCS students take active role in Career Day

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 1, 2000

News Editor

Jan. 31, 2000 9 PM

Students at Covenant Christian High School took a day out of class for Career Day yesterday.

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Twenty-one high school students went out in the real world and worked along side some of their mentors.

"The students lined up everything," said Patsy Howard of CCHS. "They had to contact who they wanted to spend the day with, had to get transportation, find out what to wear and what time to report to work."

Career Day was designed for students to get an idea of what people are responsible for in the areas in which they have interests. Amanda Hayes, a seventh grader at CCHS, spent the day at Pet Source, and dealt hands on with the animals. Amanda said the reason she chose Pet Source was simple.

"I love animals," she said. "Horses are my favorite."

Although horses are not available at Pet Source, Amanda spent the day with the smaller pets in the store and learned how the employees care for them from day to day.

"I learned how to wash a large dog and put money in the cash register," Amanda said. "I even learned how to catch a bird. The most exciting thing I did was helping find the animals when they were cleaning the cages in the morning."

Amanda and her classmates didn’t just have the day off from school. When they return to school today, they will have to write a composition on their experience.

Hoard said each month the teachers at CCHS try to do something special for the students.

"This is something they were interested in," Howard said "They heard about what the public school were doing and wanted to try it. This is the first year we have done this, and it was one of the students who suggested they go out and observe."

Some of the businesses that participated in the Covenant Christian High School Career Day are: First Franklin Financial, Troy Family Health Canter, Troy Animal Clinic, Pike County Water Authority, Troy Municipal Airport, Banks Elementary, Covenant Christian Elementary School, The Cabbage Patch, Pike Technologies, Pet Source, Julie’s and Wiley Sanders Dispatch.