Smith named president of state organization

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 13, 2000

Sports Editor

Jan. 12, 2000 11 PM

Tuesday night a very important part of the city of Troy became an important part the state as well. That part was Troy Park and Recreation director Dan Smith.

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Smith was named the Alabama Recreation and Parks Association’s president for the year 2000 at the ARPA Board Induction Banquet held at the Holiday Inn Tuesday and will serve out the rest of the year over the 600-plus member organization that helps Alabama have one of the strongest park and recreation presence in the country.

The position comes with a lot of prestige as well as responsibility, something most who know Smith feel won’t be a problem.

"Dan’s the greatest," 1999 ARPA president Regina Gresham said after the induction. "He’s been a main-stay for us for a very long time. They will really dependant on him to be the motivation and be the cheerleader because he really is.

"We never know what to expect from him," she added. "When we’re all tense and it’s a stressful situation we can always depend on Dan to make us feel better and ease the situation. We really think the world of him."

While respected across the state in the ARPA circles, Smith has contributed greatly to the city of Troy through his involvement in the state-wide organization. Troy is well known for it’s community involvement through parks and recreation and Smith will hopefully bring that spirit to the state level.

Troy mayor Jimmy Lunsford was on hand and felt that Smith is an ideal selection for the job and will bring even more from his experiences as president back to the city of Troy.

"Dan of course has done an outstanding job since 1995 when he became director at Troy," Lunsford said. "His vision never ceases to amaze me. He’s never satisfied.

"Personally I encourage all of our department heads to participate at the state level with their peers," he continued. "Dan being elected president is just another example of what a quality Park and Recreation program we have here. What I’m proud of and what I think he can contribute most is a positive influence. He will be a good leader at the state level and in turn this will make our department that much better."

"We just feel that in the long run this promotes Troy’s Park and Recreation and will in turn promote the city of Troy itself," Smith said about the promotion. "We as employees of our city’s park and recreation departments are charged with providing services, programs and activities for the people. In doing so we can do it half-hearted or we can do it as if it were for our own children. After all, in our care and supervision they are our children, our families and our seniors."