ERMC gets ready for Y2K

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 30, 1999

with increased personnel


Features Editor

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Dec. 29, 1999 11 PM

Any concerns that anyone might have about Edge Regional Medical Center’s readiness for Y2K can be laid to rest.

The hospital has been developing and implementing preparedness plans for some time now and CEO David Loving said he is confident that he and his staff have done what is necessary to make sure that the transition into the new Millennium goes smoothly.

"We have examined every piece of clinical equipment that is computer dependent five times and addressed any issues discovered," Loving said. "We have replaced or updated our software and are confident of its proper operation."

Loving said ERMC also utilized an outside company that specializes in the review of clinical equipment to assist the staff with the inventory, review and follow through of all equipment.

"We have prepared through appropriate contingency planning should an unanticipated issue arise," he said. "We have appropriate plans and policies in place to address any issue but we are confident there will be none."

Loving said patient safety and the continued delivery of heath care services without interruption are first and foremost in the hospital’s addressing of Y2K.

"I believe our nine months of planning have us prepared to respond quickly and effectively to insure patient safety and the highest quality of patient care," he said.

The management team at ERMC will have a physical presence at the hospital on New Year’s Eve and will be on standby from 9 p.m. until 3 a.m. and other experts will be on call should any need arise.

"If there should be even the slightest diversion from regular operations, we’ll be there to take appropriate actions quickly," Loving said. "As part of Community Health System, we have facilities in the Eastern Time Zone and our corporate office in Nashville will be in contact with them.

"If anything unexpected should happen at these facilities, we will be notified before the time changes here. Again, however, we feel we are well prepared and anticipate no problems."