Scrap tire permit deadline extended

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 19, 1999

News Editor

Dec. 18, 1999 10 PM

People in the tire business have one last opportunity to obtain a scrap tire license before facing a penalty.

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The Alabama Department of Revenue has extended the deadline from Nov. 1, 1999 to Dec. 31, 1999 for those people who have yet to get their scrap tire license.

"The Department of Revenue realized the implementation of the act for the scrap tire license was happening so fast," said Pike County Probate Judge William C. Stone. "They were afraid people who legitimately didn’t have time to get their license would have to pay the penalty."

Scrap tire license fees begin at $37.50 and can be as much as $375. The penalty for not obtaining a scrap tire license is a $500 fine. Stone said if a person cam in the day after the deadline they would have to pay the fine.

"There was a concern that is was a considerable penalty to be imposed upon people in the tire business," he said. "The Department of Revenue thought it was to short a time to hear about the license, understand it and get the license."

The deadline has been extended to Dec. 31 to give people a window of opportunity to get their license without having to pay a penalty. Stone said he and his staff were taking advantage of the extension.

"I have sat down along with member of the staff, with telephone books and called everyone who might have anything to do with the tire business to come to the office now to keep from paying the penalty," Stone said.

Stone said anyone who is not sure if they need a license or not can contact the Pike County Probate office at 566-1246. He said they will provide them a copy of the law as well as will refer them to the Alabama Department of Revenue in Montgomery.

"The Department of Revenue has indicated a willingness to help the business owners understand the applicability of the license to them," Stone said.

There are four separate categories of people who are required to have a scrap tire license. The people who fall into this category have one last chance to purchase a license without paying the fine. The categories are: (1) a scrap tire receiver; (2) a scrap tire collection facility; (3) a fleet tire receiver; and (4) a scrap tire transporter.

Stone said a scrap tire collection facility and a scrap tire transporter not only need a license but are also required to obtain a $10,000 professional surety bond. He said a surety bond was a bond payable to the state in case the business in convicted of dumping or violating the law the state can seize the bond to clean up the mess.

"This is my one last plea to anyone who is dealing with tires in Pike County to reconsider whether they need this license or not," Stone said. "When we open our office on Jan. 4 we will be into the penalty time frame."