Organizations deserve credit

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 17, 1999

for economic development grant

A special thanks is in order to Southeast Alabama Gas District, the organization that donated $12,500 to assist with the economic development of Pike County.

Southeast Alabama Gas showed its spirit of community cooperation and civic pride through the donation of the money to the city of Troy. The city, in turn, donated the funds to the Pike County Chamber of Commerce for economic development.

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The city of Troy, likewise, deserves credit for having the sense to see the available funds and take the appropriate measures to get its share. The money will go straight into Pike County with the sole mission of promoting economic development – something no community can have too much of.

Shannon Gooden, marketing director for Southeast Alabama Gas District, was generous with her organization’s money and with her comments about its willingness to donate the money.

"It’s a privilege to fund economic development," she said as the check was donated.

According to Chamber president Marsha Gaylard, the money has been used to produce a brochure promoting Troy as a viable location for business and industry, making the money well-spent on a promotional piece for the city.

Southeast Alabama Gas District’s commitment to Pike County is noteworthy because it shows an investment in our community and in returning dollars to our local economy.

And if the brochure that was produced brings just one business or one industrial facility to Pike County, then it will be money well-spent.

This kind of cooperation shows what can be done when local and regional organizations work together for the common good of the community and the region.

As we move toward a global economy, all of our economic bases will be less self-contained. What’s good for one community will be good for the region as a whole, and the trend is rapidly moving in that direction. Taking the recent advice of Dr. David Bronner who spoke at the annual Pike County Chamber of Commerce Banquet, we will succeed through regionalism.

"What’s good for Dothan is good for Troy," he said.

This development comes from increased communication, transportation and education regarding the world around us. Inventories are smaller because access to new products is so easy due to better transportation. Better communication means more access to goods and better methods of travel mean that more people commute to cities located farther away to work every day.

As this trend increases, partnerships like the one between Southeast Alabama Gas District and the city of Troy and other cities in the area are more important.

Thanks again to the gas district for its commitment to the area and thanks to the city for seeing to it that Troy got its share of the pie.

Dec. 16, 1999 11 PM