‘Los Tres Compadres’ to open

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 16, 1999

at Colley Senior Complex Friday


Features Editor

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The Senior Colley Complex has quickly become the hub of community activities for the over-50 gang and, if that wasn’t enough, the Complex has taken on somewhat of a cultural swagger.

Knowing the vast amount of artistic talent in Pike County, Mary Ann Casey, complex director, decided the best way to "decorate" the complex would be with works of art of these "talents."

Her idea was to exhibit their work at the complex so that it could be seen and admired by the many who frequent the senior center.

The first exhibition was titled "Three Women of Troy" and featured the work of Alice Thornton, Marcia Rice and Ruth Walker and was a big success.

This week, it will be the men’s turn to display their talents at the Colley Senior Complex when the exhibition "Los Tres Compadres" officially opens at 10 a.m. Friday.

The "tres compadres" are sculptor Duane Paxson, printmaker Uthman Abdur-Rahman and painter Sergei Shillabeer. They will be honored with a reception to coincide with the opening of the exhibition, Casey said.

"This is a world class show as far as the art work," Casey said. "It is incredible. It transcends the art into a close, artful relationship between three men. As a creative person, as an artist, you need that kind of compadres feeling which is closer than a casual friendship. The friendship of these three artists enhances their work. Showing their work together makes the exhibition a world class show."

"Los Tres Compadres" will remain on exhibit for two months.

Paxson’s sculptures-in-wood have been featured in shows across the country. He considers his sculptures figurative abstract imagery which range from angelic forms to mythical creatures.

Abdur-Rahman was honored this year when he was asked to participate in the Von Braun Celebration of the Arts and Science national exhibition hosted by the Huntsville Museum of Art. The theme of Abdur-Rahman’s prints deals with imagery of a higher source of man’s existence.

Sculptor Sergei "Larry" Shillabeer is a portrait artist whose work has been shown throughout the world. Each of his paintings is a spiritual journey and reflects an inner peace – a oneness with a higher power.

Casey said there are no words to adequately describe the impact of the art of "Los Tres Compadres" so she invites the public to view the exhibition during the next two months.

"We especially want everyone to attend the reception for the artists Friday morning from 10 until noon," she said. "It will be an excellent opportunity to see their work and talk with them. You will find both the artists and their work fascinating."