National spotlight will

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 2, 1999

shine on Troy Saturday

Saturday promises to be the biggest day of the year for the Troy State Trojan football team, and experts say it spells big bucks for the city of Troy and the local business community.

Coming from two hours away are the Rattlers from Florida A&M, a proud school with a strong tradition and a friendly rivalry with TSU. The winner will be a candidate to win a national championship.

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Troy State is no stranger to football enthusiasts all over the country, and its contributions have never been without notice in the community. Adding another dimension to a growing city, TSU brings national attention to Troy through its strong traditions in academics and athletics and helps spark and stimulate economic growth.

That attention brings growth and dollars.

A TSU victory Saturday will give Troy State a historic opportunity, and as we have learned, what’s good for TSU is good for Pike County.

With attention on TSU so high, fan support of the football program, local pride in the community that can be seen through the town’s hospitality, cleanliness and charm will become more important than ever.

The power Florida A&M will bring through its exciting fan base will be a challenge for the gifted Trojans to overcome. They’ll need our help.

One more cheer from the stands, one more sign, one more symbol or one more flag waving could make a difference to the team.

And with the Temptations playing for halftime, a ticket purchased will bring an added attraction.

Be there and give TSU your all. This is a great program and it deserves a great fan base.

Dec. 1, 1999 10 PM