Locals score big for charity

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 19, 1999

Features Editor

Nov. 18, 1999, 10 PM

The 1999 Relay for Life team is Pike County proud and for good reason.

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Pike County was fourth in the nation in donations to the Relay for Life Campaign for counties with populations between 25,000 and 30,000 with $122,270 for a per capita giving of $4.26.

"That is absolutely incredible," said Lynn Stone, chairperson of the 1999 campaign. "What makes it even more incredible is the fact that Pike County is in the low end of our population division. We are closer to 25,000 than to 30,000. The people of Pike County responded to Relay for Life with giving and open hearts and we can’t say thank you enough."

Stone and Nedetria Talbot, who will chair the Pike County Relay for Life Campaign for 2000 after being second chair in the 1999 campaign, said Pike County has continually been in the top ten Relay for Life campaigns in the Mid-South division and its region.

"That speaks well for Pike County," Talbot said. "Pike County does have a big heart and we care about our neighbors and friends. By supporting Relay for Life, we are making a difference and we do want to thank everyone for a job well done. We are proud of Pike County."

Stone and Talbot attended the Relay for Life Rally in Montgomery recently and received a plaque in recognition of the county’s outstanding efforts for 1999. Individual teams in Region 7 who raised more than $10,000 were also recognized and Pike County’s Edge Regional Medical Center was among them.

"Edge Regional has been out front in fundraising in Pike County for several years and what they do is just almost unbelievable," Stone said. "They are creative in their fundraising efforts and also make Relay so much fun for the hospital employees and the citizens of Pike County. They were up there with large corporate teams and we couldn’t be prouder of them and we certainly want to congratulate them and all of the teams and individuals who make Relay 1999 such a success. Every team – every person -had a part and it took everyone to make it happen. We are so grateful for the wonderful support for Relay."

Other than recognizing teams for their outstanding efforts in 1999, the Relay for Life Rally was a time of preparation for Relay 2000, which hopefully will be the greatest out-pouring of giving ever.

"The day was filled with brainstorming sessions for enhancing the Relay for Life events," Talbot said. "We also learned more about the programs and research funded by the American Cancer Society."

"Lynn and I were inspired and motivated to make the 2000 campaign the biggest ever in Pike County," Talbot said. "I know with the holiday season ahead, we don’t have time to think of much else but we do want to remind everyone that Relay for Life 2000 is just a short time away and to start giving some thought as to how Pike County can reach and surpass our goal of $125,000. It’s great to be fourth in the nation but wouldn’t it be wonderful if Pike County could be number one? With the people we have here and their enthusiasm, dedication and commitment, we can do it!"