Self defense cited in Nov. 1 homicide

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 16, 1999

BRUNDIDGE – The November 1 death of Connio Fraizer, 49, of Galloway Road, Brundidge, has been ruled a homicide, but police don’t plan on seeking a conviction against the suspect, who, eye witnesses say, acted in self defense.

Still, Moses Davenport, Brundidge chief of police, said the case will go to a Pike County Grand Jury.

"We know who did this and how this was done," said Davenport. "But no arrest has been made at this time."

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Davenport said forensic evidence and eye-witness accounts of the incident corroborate the suspect’s story that the death occurred during an act of self defense.

"This was a homicide, meaning someone’s life was taken," Davenport said. "But due to the nature of the incident and what we have learned through investigation, we have not made an arrest and we will put this before the grand jury so that it can make a determination as to what needs to be done next."

Fraizer was allegedly at the home of an acquaintance on the evening of November when he was killed in a struggle. There was evidence that indicated that an "altercation" had occurred, Davenport said on November 2, but that further investigation into the matter would be necessary.

"This is an unfortunate incident," Davenport said. "We will await the grand jury’s findings to see where we need to go with this."

The grand jury will likely return an acquittal or will issue a "no bill," meaning the suspect will not be indicted pending the discovery of any sort of incriminating evidence

"We do not expect them to charge the suspect with manslaughter or murder," Davenport said. "What we have discovered leads us to believe that was not the case."

Davenport refrained from revealing the name of the suspect pending the decision of the grand jury.

"I would hate to have the decision influenced," he said. "We want this to be an objective and fair hearing. This person has not been arrested and has not been charged with anything."

Nov. 15, 1999 11 PM