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Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 6, 1999

team will raise most cash


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Published Oct. 6, 1999

With almost everybody thinking and talking football, the employees at Edge Regional Medical Center decided it is time to rally the teams in support of Relay for Life.

Hospital team captains have been elected and they have chosen their teams and now it’s time to tail – tailgate that is.

On Nov. 6, the three teams – Alabama, Auburn and Troy State – will kickoff their Relay fundraising effort with a tailgate party prior to the TSU – Stephen Austin gridiron clash.

Each team will be hawking hot dogs and hamburgers at the Tailgate Terrace and it will be no holds barred as each hopes to score with game fans and raise money for their team’s contribution to Relay for Life.

No true TSU fan is going to want to buy from that Auburn or Alabama bunch so Cheryl Gauspohl is certain that her team will rack up more pennies. However, Kay Garrett and Dianne Mauldin are just as certain that Big Al and Aubie will have fans who are strong TSU supporters and they, too, will pull in the burger lovers and pile up the pennies.

"We hope to have a steady line at each burger booth because all of the money eventually goes in the same pot," Gauspohl said. "This is our kickoff event for Relay for Life and we wan to get off to an early start and a good start."

The ERMC team has taken top honors in the fundraising event for the American Cancer Society the last few years and they are not about to relinquish that honor. Research is the key to finding a cure for cancer and education and early detection are the keys to prevention and survival. ERMC is dedicated to doing its part to eliminating cancer as a major health threat.

The competing teams will also hold a bake sale and another tailgate fundraiser is planned for Nov. 19 as a rally before the TSU – Jax State and Alabama – Auburn games.

The party will be held on the front lawn of the hospital and everyone is invited to stop by and "down a dog" for their favorite team.

"The team with the most money will be rewarded for their efforts but the win we are all working for and hoping for is the one against cancer," Gauspohl said.