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Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 30, 1999

organized in county


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Published Sept. 30, 1999

The citizens of Brundidge take great pride in their community and they also take pride in their "homecounty" university.

Brundidge can boast a large number of graduates from Troy State University and, as of Tuesday night, it can boast its own alumni association.

Forty-six TSU alumni and friends of the university put their name on the dotted line at an organizational meeting for the Brundidge Troy State University Alumni Association. The meeting was held at the Peanut Butter Barn with TSU alumni organizer Mike Amos as the guest speaker.

"If there has been more support and enthusiasm at an organizational meeting for TSU alumni, I don’t know about it," Amos said. "I can see that this chapter is going to be a good one and a fun one."

Twenty-five members were necessary to establish a chapter of the National Troy State University Alumni Association and apply for a charter.

"I had no doubt that we would get 25 and we almost doubled that tonight," Amos said. "That says a lot about TSU support in the Brundidge area and I’m sure that many more will join once we get going."

The Brundidge chapter will be alumni association number 30. The charter meeting is planned for Tuesday, Oct. 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the Peanut Butter Barn, which is large enough to accomodate the crowd that is expected for the meeting.

Amos said Jack Hawkins, Jr., chancellor of the TSU System, will "be jumping up and down" over the prospect of another chapter of the alumni association in the university’s home county.

"We are all supporters of Troy State University but each chapter has a uniqueness that is particular to its town," Amos said. "We expect big things from Brundidge because Brundidge has a proud tradition of community spirit and a proud tradition in Troy State. Combine those two and it’s going to be a great chapter."

The Brundidge chapter will include the outlying areas and "everyone is going to want to be a part of it."

"All of us here love Troy State University and we are proud of it, but for Troy to be as great as it can be, we need to build a strong alumni base," Amos said. "Alabama and Auburn have strong alumni bases and we are achieving that. We hope to have an alumni chapter in every town within a 100-mile radius of Troy. We will charter Elba in the next couple of weeks and then Brundidge. I can’t help but be excited."

The first order of organization was to elect officers and Randy Ross was elected president of the association; Larry Ross, president elect; Jan Davis, secretary; and Cookie Graham, treasurer.

Ross said the TSU alumni group will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 5 to make plans for charter meeting Oct. 19.

"We hope to have 100 or more TSU alumni and friends at this meeting," Ross said. "There is a possibility Chancellor Hawkins will be here and the TSU Pep Band, so this is going to be a big event for Brundidge."

The chapter will receive at check for $500 to take care of organizational and other expenses and will also have a tent in place for the TSU homecoming game Oct. 23.

"We are being chartered at just the right time to be involved in all of the homecoming activities and this makes it even more exciting," Ross said. "We want to invite everyone to join the chapter and show your pride in Brundidge and Troy State University."

Membership dues are $25 for a couple and $15 for an individual. Dues may be paid at either the Oct. 5 or 19 meetings or to any of the association officers.