This week, families, community unite to support schools

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 23, 1999

Published Sept. 23, 1999

If ever there was a week for fans to support their local schools and sports teams, this is it.

This week and weekend promise enough events and action to keep the entire family entertained, featuring parades, pageantry and plenty of hard-hitting sports action.

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Troy State University will play its first home football game when the Trojans take on the University of South Florida. TSU has once again made itself known to the legions of football addicts nation-wide after upsetting the University of Cincinnati. Cincinnati, in turn, delivered an upset on the University of Wisconsin, then ranked number eight in national sports polls.

What that all means is that hopes are high this year that Troy State will stay on top and will continue what it has started.

Add to that the world of high school football Friday night, Pike Liberal Arts School and Charles Henderson High School will celebrate their homecoming games. The week has been jammed with activities at both schools, and the festivities will culminate in a Friday night game and all the pageantry of homecoming court.

Schools are a source of pride for a community, and rightly so. They are a place where the future community leaders are exposed to a wealth of knowledge and experience. That knowledge and experience will bring opportunity with it. As the children grow and develop, they will come to understand that a solid education means future prosperity. And this brings pride in their school.

Homecoming week is a time for parents to get involved with the programs their children enjoy. It’s a time when recreational activities – like going to bonfires, pep rallies and football games – can turn into real family events.

Support your child, your child’s school and your community this week by getting involved in the activities going on.

Homecoming truly has something to offer everyone, whether it’s football or parades and bonfires.