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Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 23, 1999

subdivision denied


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Published Sept. 23, 1999

Troy Planning Commission denied Grady Reeves’ request to subdivide his lot in Elm Street Plantation at its meeting Thursday.

Three residents of the development were on hand to ask the board to take action on the matter, which was tabled at the August meeting. Reeves, a local attorney and the former Troy Police Chief, was not present yesterday.

The commission unanimously voted to deny Reeves’ request to subdivide his six-acre lot at 125 Mallard Drive into two three-acre parcels. The board’s decision was based on page 12 item 402 of the Troy Subdivision Regulations.

The neighborhood’s covenants prohibit further subdivision of the lots.

The motion was tabled at the last meeting as requested by commission member Jim Roling to give property owners needed time to work it out among themselves.

At the August meeting, Reeves applied to replat lot 3 of the subdivision because he wants to recoup some of his $48,050 investment in buying and improving the property.

Ron Pierce, who lives at 126 Mallard Drive, presented the commission with a petition of 27 signatures and asked them not to approve Reeves’ request. He said property owners bought land in the area with an understanding the covenants stated land would not be further subdivided.

Pierce expressed the group’s concern that their property values would decrease if Reeves were allowed to subdivide his lot.

In other business, the commission approved Wendy Ward’s request for final plat approval of a 1.7 acres of property on the southside of Henderson Highway in the 1800 block. The board’s approval is pending the peculation test’s approval by the Pike County Health Department.