New missile announced

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 1, 1999

at Troy plant

Staff Report

Published Sept. 1, 1999

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Thursday morning Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control will roll out its first production of a 3,000-pound missile thanks to new contracts that will increase production at the Pike County facility.

The missile is a medium-range air to surface missile that is carried on such U.S. aircrafts as B-52s, F-15s, F-4s and F-111s, said Lockheed Martin officials.

The first lot produced in the Troy facility is slated to be shipped to the United States Air Force sometime this month.

The missile is one of the largest in production at the Pike County plant, weighing approximatly 3,000 pounds, and is effective against such land and sea targets as power plants, missile sites, bridges, ships and bunkers.

The system is highlighted by its selectable guidance and by its ability to deliver a fragmentation blast or a penetrator warhead day or night in adverse weather conditions.

The missile is the only precision, medium range, conventional standoff weapon in the USAF bomber fleet. It was certified and fielded in 1992 and since then, the USAF has purchased and accepted 154 of the missiles.

The Korean Air Force is currently in negotiations with Lockheed Martin to add additional AGM-142s to their arsenal. The missile has also been purchased by the Australian and Israeli Air Forces.

The missile has been manufactured since 1992 at other Lockheed Martin sites.

The ceremony will be held at 9 a.m. at the facility near the Orion community for about 200 invited guests and dignitaries.