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JT Ball and Omari Vaughans named player of the week for their performance in last week's games. Read more

FORGETTABLE: Turnovers and dropped passes doom Trojans in 24-18 loss to the Jaguars on Saturday

FORGETTABLE: Turnovers and dropped passes doom Trojans in 24-18 loss to the Jaguars on Saturday

The Troy Trojans had multiple opportunities Saturday, but dropped passes and turnovers doomed the Trojans in a 24-18 loss to the Jaguars in the inaugural ... Read more

Termites win in tourney

The Pike Liberal Arts Patriots Termite team traveled to Lowndes Academy Saturday to compete in the Rebel Bowl, a tournament for area teams. Read more

Eagles win volleyball tournament

The Goshen Eagles swept their way to the championship in the Northview Volleyball Tournament this weekend. Read more

Troy falls to South Alabama, 24-18

Troy had ample opportunities Saturday but dropped passes and crucial penalties brought a 24-18 win for South Alabama, giving the Jaguars the win in the ... Read more

  1. Rebels pick up homecoming win
  2. Bulldogs continue shutout streak
  3. Patriots edge Chambers in offensive battle
  4. Elba rolls over Goshen
  5. Troy, South Alabama to begin conference play
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Thank you, Troy

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Embrace the Madness

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2014 success hints at good things to come for Troy

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The girls can ball, too

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