Scott Beaulier

System penalizes those who work

The War on Poverty, which was crystallized by Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs, has harmed a lot of the people it was designed to help. ... Read more  | 2 comments

Legalize today: It makes economic sense

The world is becoming more and more tolerant towards recreational drug use, and the US is behind the world trend. Pot, for example, is legal ... Read more  | 9 comments

For $3 a day, we can avoid ‘fiscal cliff’

Talk of the “fiscal cliff” — America’s tax and spending mess set to come due on January 1, 2013 — has been dominating the airwaves ... Read more  | 1 comment

Make a ‘sweet’ home for corporations

Alabama is losing good companies to other states. Companies are not only leaving, but the number of new companies headquartering in Alabama has slowed since ... Read more