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Club license denied

Published 10:41pm Monday, February 24, 2014

Pike County Commissioners voted unanimously to deny the BBQ House’s application for a club liquor license.

“The bottom line is no,” said Commissioner Joey Jackson shortly before the vote on Monday. “The commission is not going to support Sunday alcohol sales or beer.”

Barbara McQuagge, the BBQ House owner, had applied in December 2013 for a license that would allow sales of alcohol on Sunday. Commissioners had tabled the action until Monday’s meeting.

McQuagge, who was present on Monday, smiled and shook the hands of commissioners after the meeting. “That’s the way it goes. They make the rules,” she said.

McQuagge plans to apply for a club license again.

“That’s all I can do,” she said. “I feel like if the country club has a Sunday license for the rich folks I ought to have one for the working folks. Fair is fair.”

Under existing laws, only businesses with a club liquor license can sell alcohol on Sunday. She said Sunday sales should be allowed countywide because they would increase revenue and help the county more than hurt it.

Road conditions were also discussed at the meeting. Commissioner Ray Goodson asked that Connell Road be repaved and Jackson lobbied for County Road 2276 to be repaired.

“It’s gotten dangerous and patching is not the answer,” Jackson said. “I’ve had about six incidents in my district so far. We’ve got to do something or somebody’s going to get killed.”

After a particularly bad incident Monday, Jackson sent a crew out to patch up a pothole. The initial work cost more than $1,300, and additional work was required, he said.

Jackson also took issue with loggers.

“Back in January, we decided to table the logging ordinance. This winter, they’ve taken advantage of that,” he said.

Commissioners originally asked loggers to put up signs warning motorists of areas where they frequently entered roadways and to pay for gravel when roads were damaged. Jackson said few loggers had followed through.

If the noncompliance continued, Jackson said he would add the ordinance to the agenda.

In their closing comments, several commissioners asked that people remember the family of the late Thomas Haigh in their prayers.




  • WDM

    Ms.McQuagge is right if the Troy Country Club can sell beer on Sunday so should she.

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  • traveling_europe2010

    Troy Commissioners approved the Sunday Club Liquor License for the Country Club estate, but not for another Business within Troy huh? simply go to the Pike County Courthouse and research the Public Records of that transaction. get the names of the Commissioners and such. take that information back to Town hall Meeting/s and keep doing this until something happens or simply take the matter above the Commissioners heads, to a higher level, say for instance a federal court perhaps? how much money is one willing to invest in the matter is what it boils down to. the Country Club got theirs im sure because someone or someone’s contributed vast sums of money for the reality to occur at their estate/business.

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  • ConservativeLife

    Troy Country Club is a private, members only club. The general public cannot purchase alcohol there and you cannot leave with alcohol. Most country clubs all over the US operate in the same manner. The BBQ house, on the other hand, is known as a common and frequented hangout for individuals that use meth. True story.

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  • bobjonesknows1

    Do you drink beer on Sundee?

    I do drink beer on Sundee, yes-sir-ree.

    I like it in a bottle, I like it in a can, I like it from a tap, because I’m a man.

    Give me beer in a bar, beer from a jar, beer at the club, beer at the pub.

    Want to have a fantastic Mondee? My advice: serve beer on Sundee!

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    Con-Life, to suggest that “meth” is used among the ones who visit the BBQ house is ignorant. “Meth” is a common term used by the unfortunate ones who do it. The other slang for it is “crystal” which is what the uppers use for the term or ICE. Since you are so “righteous” and do not understand how it works, maybe you should add in “prescription” drug abuse uh? I guess what you are saying is anyone who eats BBQ on Sunday and wants a beer is a “meth head” and the ones at the CC are not…right? If this is the case, could you provide the public with the amount of search warrants executed at this location? Could you provide us with information what would happen if search warrants were executed at your precious CC? I understand when you take a golf ball to the knee you need a 2 year supply of hydrocodone, that is how it works, but what evidence can you present to the public that “meth” is the reason they are asking for a license? What does beer have to do with “meth” accept for your ignorant thoughts? Is it a crime in Alabama to want to watch a race and drink a beer?
    Now…..Considering what you have said, maybe you need to research and see that a high percentage of high class wives are hooked on “meth” or, yes, whatever they call it to make sure they can make sure the house is well made for their kings…… meth is an “upper middle class issue” if you care to research it, it is just referred to as that.
    I would also like to bring into your comments “False Light”. You may not understand this but there is a few who will, and if you research it, you will see it runs parallel with the non-sense comments you made, prove it!!!!!
    So, I just think we as the public should get this on record. You are saying it is Ok for the CC to do what they want, but this does not apply to anyone else? Is this is what you are saying????
    And Con-Life if you know this, you should have reported it, otherwise, what about that DEA agent that is sitting in at CC who is recording everything they do? I am sure you know about this uh? You’re a genius.
    “False Light”………this says you are placing someone in a situation where the public judges them on the information they are getting, without evidence, I am glad you chose to say that, good luck on your next 18 holes and your Sunday beer!

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    • cj5levi

      Wow! How we judge each other. Why was a drug even brought up? Have you seen the supposed drug use or participated in the supposed drug use? That makes no sense. Those are personal attacks on two business and its patrons that was not necessary.

      All citizens have the right to apply for a club license and then the county commission, city council and ABC board decide yes/no to grant.

      The entire commission voted no. These commissions may or may not be members of the CC. But that was not used in the decision. I would ask the commission for a chance to sit down prior or after the meeting to discuss with them their issue with the club license.

      The Country Club has been in business for over 65 years and had nothing to do with the approval or denial of this business license. They did not apply for their private club license recently they applied when they when they opened the club.

      I do not understand why one person making a “false” statement about a person/business qualifies for another to make a “false” statement about another person/business in then their reply. Have you helped or hurt the person/business you trying to defend.

      As with life there are bumps in the road and Mrs. McQuagge should do as she stated above and apply for the license again.

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  • WDM

    If I understand the law right all the BBQ House would have to do is have the people that come there on Sunday pay a membership fee.And it also would be a private club on Sundays.

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    • Bill_OReally

      WDM…you are correct. Newton has had private clubs for 30 years that serve beer on Sunday. I think Dothan has also.

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  • ConservativeLife

    Correct. That is hearsay. I have only heard that is all that “hangs” there. I have never walked in the place.

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    Levi..I was just making examples; there is only one place that has been accused of meth. I used to patronize both businesses and since my husband got transferred to Biloxi, I really miss both of them. If you check the statistics, you will see that the majority of meth users are middle to upper class females even though it does not appear to be. I totally agree with WDM, if someone else can do it, why not this place.

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