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Sun on the ground

Published 11:00pm Friday, June 28, 2013

Smart Road in Pike County is home to a field of beautiful flowers.

  • TR186

    I get the chance to drive by this field daily, and it is really a nice view. Hopefully, it will not be ruined by the despicable people that are dumping their trash all over the area. It is getting ridiculous. I hope the ignorant people that are dumping their trash actually read this. You are a nasty idiots. The residents are going to catch you, and have you hauled off to jail. Thanks for dumping that freezer of old meat(with the plastic and containers, the constant bags of trash, dumping all those fish by the creek, and all those deer carcases during hunting season. We are in the process of setting up our on cameras, since we can’t get help on a county road in Troy. Next time you dump, be sure to smile. ;o)

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