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Missing child found Wednesday morning

Published 11:52am Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Detectives with the Troy Police Department found a 13-year-old missing boy Wednesday morning.

Isiah Deyshaun Jones was located about 10:30 a.m. on Kelly Road off U.S. Highway 231 north of Troy.

Troy Police Chief Jimmy Ennis reported Jones was in “good shape” and he was taken to the Troy Police Department where he was expected to be released to his mother later Wednesday.

Jones’ mother reported him missing from their Pike County Road 7738 home Tuesday about 11:30 and had last seen him Monday about 8:30 p.m.

She told police she noticed a red duffel bag and some of his clothing missing from his closet.

Jones had been involved in an altercation at his school Monday and been suspended. Police believe that is why he may have left home.


  • Observer

    On one hand the Messenger will not pry into a jailhouse “suicide” and will wait patiently for an “official” statement while on the other hand the Messenger has no qualms about identifying a juvenile and exposing his school suspension record.

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    • Robbyn Brooks

      He was already identified in a story where his mother reported him missing and police asked for help locating him. His suspension was discussed as a reason it was believed he was a runaway versus having been kidnapped.

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    • banksmotherof2

      I do not think the jailhouse suicide is something that needs to be talked about on a public newspaper, in my opinion. I also believe that reporting an article about a run away is very important considering everything that has been going on in Dale County.
      As far as the jailhouse suicide, I would think the family would not want the story posted. And I know his family VERY well.

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      • Virtuous

        I beg to differ banksmotherof2,

        The daughter of the victim posted under the article and said the information should be released.

        On a different note: I am so glad this baby is home safely!!!!! Thank you Jesus!

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  • trojan81

    I agree with letting everyone know about the runaway. I believe that telling what the child was going throught lets us know what type of mindset the young man was dealing with. As for the suicide, his past speaks for itself as well. He has had issues and anyone that believes that he has no hope will believe that he doesn’t have anything to live for. If he was impaired in any way would also add to his mindset. He didn’t think that he had anything to live for, but if he was feeling guilty about something or impaired then he really wasn’t thinking straight and chose to end it. When a person gets to that point, they are not themselves so I really understand what his daughter was saying. But He did it out of desperation and unfornately it caused him his life.

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  • Observer

    The daughter posted questioning whether it was really a suicide or not and made comments which were not really clear but suggest he was arrested at home and dragged off to jail – which would be unusual for a DUI. The name attached to the post matches the name of one of the survivors listed in the obituary so it is not great detective work to figure out who the victim was. What is unclear is “what happened”. The victim, whether of suicide or some other cause, is now beyond the need for protection. I have no problem with the policy of not identifying suicides where there is no suspicion of something else. But, where suspicion has been raised, it becomes a public issue.

    As for the runaway – it would have been sufficient to report that foul play was not suspected, or that the missing person was regarded as a runaway as opposed to being the victim of some crime.

    Once the newspaper introduces the connection between the disappearance and a school suspension the door opens for the newspaper to look into how the schools deal with various infractions. If the newspaper ever did a serious investigation it would find ample evidence that school punishments are not administered in an even-handed or equitable manner. Judging from the photograph which appeared in the newspaper it would be easy to speculate that had this incident taken place during football season, that student would not have been suspended – probably would not have been punished at all.

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  • George Hazzard

    Observer, the lady made a claim, true or false we do not know, it has been over a week now and there is no information being provided on this nor the meeting that was to occur on the 12th, in reference to Mr. Hardy. We have a clear case of “uh uh this is a failure to communicate” here. You are right, she mentioned ambulance, and if I am not mistaken, a DUI can only be given if the person is in control of the vehicle, this would be physical control, not in the house, this could be all wrong, he may have been but there is no evidence of yet coming out to dispute her claims. I am sure they had a reason to arrest him, problem is, they can spend money on nonsense, but need to hire someone to answer our questions because in the end, they work for US, and they do not seem to understand that, they are so lost in their salaries and power they do not realize, we are their bosses!

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