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Troy Police officer fired

Published 11:00pm Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Troy Police officer who claims he is the victim of retaliatory action for filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been fired, according to his attorney.

Lt. Edward O. Hardy was placed on leave Dec. 12, 2012, pending an internal investigation. Hardy and his attorney, Julian McPhillips, attended what was to be the officer’s termination hearing on Jan. 23, but Troy Police Chief Jimmy Ennis said he would take into consideration information presented at the hearing and Hardy, instead, remained on administrative leave with pay at that time.

McPhillips said Thursday that his client is appealing the process and there is a meeting scheduled with Troy Mayor Jason A. Reeves at 9 a.m. on Feb 12.

“I think the whole thing is just a travesty,” McPhillips said.

According to paperwork provided by McPhillips, Hardy’s termination was based on a Dec. 8, 2012, incident that involved the supervision of a juvenile arrested while Hardy was in charge of a shift. The juvenile was left unattended in a room for about eight hours, but McPhillips said Hardy wasn’t the arresting officer and is not to blame.

Hardy believes it isn’t the incident with the juvenile that prompted his termination, but an EEOC complaint he filed in September 2012 citing racial discrimination.

In paperwork provided by McPhillips, Hardy said he feels he was passed over twice for a promotion to captain because of his race.

Regardless of the outcome of the Feb. 12 meeting with Troy’s mayor, McPhillips said he expects Hardy to receive a right to sue letter from the EEOC sometime in February, at which time Hardy can decide whether or not to pursue a discrimination lawsuit against the City of Troy and Troy Police Department.

Ennis was in a meeting Thursday afternoon and could not be reached for comment.


  1. johngalt781

    Sometimes slipping that ol race card outta you sleeve will not make a winning hand.

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  2. BLOOD

    Let’s see how much dirt is disclosed. If Hardy has an “ace in the hole”, he wins.

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  3. mulekilla

    He sure could have picked a better lawyer. McPhillips is a bottom feeder. That should tell you that no quality lawyer would take the case.
    Besides, if he filed the complaint-there would be an investigation and findings. I wouldn’t want a person like that working for me either – they simply can’t be trusted. Makes you wonder how he made Lt?

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  4. CHHS1973

    Are the ones who are judging Mr. Hardy’s records, personnel file thicker than his??? And are the council members being vetted as much as the officers?? Cheers Mate!

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  5. BLOOD

    I played on a football team once where there were only two African American players. The coach was mean as heck and gave preferential treatment to the Caucasian players. Well, we white guys got tired of the coaches abusive behavior and filed all kinds of complaints on him. This is not suggesting the chief is doing anything wrong; it’s simply an example of karma.

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  6. CHHS1973

    Yea Mate Futbol’ is a great sport, my pops had me try it when I went to Chapel Hill High back in the late 60′s . The coach was a nice gentleman then but I guess times change. Cheers

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  7. patriot2009

    What gives anybody on this blog the right to sit in judgement or ridicule anyone or anything without knowing any specifics or details of what has, is or will transpire in relation to this event ? We have something known as “Due Process” that applies to all party(ies) involved ! So all of you gossip mongers sitting and hiding behind you computer screen, let the system work and however this turns out, either side can use the appeal process.
    And, the catfisher…you are obviously p.o.ed with the city council’s choice for police chief that you want your buddies to get it, that you are indicting and condemning Chief Ennis based on WHAT ? Give us your facts that would warrant Chief Ennis’ removal …in other words, “Where’s the Beef” ? In other words you and everyone STFU until your words have substance and meaning. Thank God the answer(s) or final decision will not come from people on this blog !!! So go ahead, let me have while you hide behind your computer and type your vitriol, hatred and smut.

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