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Published 11:00pm Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 18, 2012

Patricia G. Dickens o Audie B. and Brenda S. Ward/$2,000/1209 U.S. Hwy 2715

Jackie and Reggie Dunn to Jolynne and Kevin Atwell/$105,000/1948 Co. Rd. 2281 Glenwood, Alabama

Emory Earl Ellis Sr. and Martha Ellis to Town Squre/$281,280/100,102,104,106,108 and 110 Three Notch Street

Diane E. and John J. Martin to John D. and Kathryn S. Allen/$308,000/104 acres more or less Section 22 and 23, Township 10 North, Range 19 East Goshen, Alabama

Margaret S. Miller and Sue A. Sanchez o Napolee M. Patterson/$105,000/104 Jo Street

Ruth A. Ready to herself/$115,020/107 Bracewell


December 19, 2012

AmeriFirst Bank, Andy and Carmen Brown to AmeriFirst Bank/$42,000/1.94 Acres in Section 3 Township 10 North Range 22 East

Martha Neal Sanders to Benny H. and John J. Sanders/$25,876.40/129 acres Co. Rd. 2251 Goshen, Alabama


December 20, 2012

Ben F. and Joan W. Beard to Ben F. Beard/ $397,290/ Orion Street

Ruby Belcher to Margaret Wilson/$14,000/426 E. Troy St. Brundidge, Alabama

Geneva Berry, David E. and James O. Wright to Penny and Werby Orr/ $10,000/Section 9 Township 12 North Range 22 East

Cathy Catrett and Sprayberry Voncile Hall Estate to Quattlebum Cliff/$10,570/1376 Co. Rd. 1149

June C. and Thomas W. Collier to G. Malone and Linda M. Chandler/$58,928/829 Brundidge Blvd ad 109 Pinckard Street

Barbar Galmon and Parnell Powell Jr. to Beverly Grizzle/$65,700/65.7 acres Section 4 and 9 Township 10 Range 21 on or near Co. Rd. 7708

Angela W. Stephens to Danny S. Stephens/$124,290/Section 34, Township 8, Range 19

Metric M. Thompson to Daniel I. Thompson/$456,828/Section 14 and 15, Township 8 North, Range 21 East


December 21, 2012

Julian B. Adams to Dennis R. Adams/$71,015/Section 7, Township 8 North, Range 21 East

Alabama Housing Finance Authority to Sec. of Housing and Urban Development/$181,824.48/119 Martha George Hall

Mary Finlay to Galaxy Properties of Troy/$644,630/Henderson Hwy

Hiram R. and Ora M. Jordan to Joann J., Jordan, and Larry J. Hughes/No Total/10.9 acres Section 14, T 9 North, Range 20 East

Douglas E. Newman to Elizabeth C. and Nickolas J. Barron/$1395,500/100 Dendron Avenue

Irene W. and William O. Sanders to Jessica L Sanders. and William O Sanders III/$14,850/2.86 acres Section 35, Township 9, North Range 19 East

KC LLC to David P. and Lawanda H. Bacon/$312,000/319 Needmore Rd.

William R. Sheppard to Mathew J. Lepetich/$34,000/137 Co. Rd. 7722

Jacqueline Vida Jordan Sport to Joanne Jordan Hughes/No Total/10.9 acres Section 14, Township 9 North, Range 20 East

Raymond R. Wingard to Irene W., William O., William O (III) and Jessica L. Sanders/Nominal to Perfect Title/ Approx. 6 acres Section 35, Township 9 North, Range 19 East


December 26, 2012

John W. Law Jr. to Dorothy G. Law/$10,342/116 Vincent Ave


December 27, 2012

Alabama Landscape Contractors and Keith Laney to Trojan Properties Development/$46,210/ 507 and 511 Lee Avenue

Melody D. Avant, Anita Phillips, Carla Phillips and Carl D. Phillips to Anita M. Phillips and Carl E. Pillips/$49,330/327 Clayton Street Brundidge, Alabama

Robert Lewis Cummings and Kitty Schell to Kitty Schell/$17,035/10646 Hwy 231 Brundidge, AL and 10794 Hwy 231

Rebecca M. Hennigan to David L. Hennigan/$37,730/Co.Rd. 78

Catherine (Katherine V.) Killebrew and Lester Killebrew to Killebrew Investments/$398,660/ Various 231 South-Brundidge, AL

Mary Alyce Sanders to Herself, $270,108.23/Conecuh Street, Howard Street and Perrywood Road

Mary Alyce Sanders to Herself, Carter J., David R., Kirby L., and Michael R. Sanders/$982,651.77/ 141 Conecuh St. Goshen, Alabama



December 28, 2012

John and Merlyn Austin to Kelley Fralish and Karmen Howard/$87,170/Secion 34 Township 8 and Range 23

Mae Stewart Brown to KC LLC/$85,000/2.73 Acres AL Hwy 87

Annette F. Coley to James O. Colley III, Jeremy F. Colley, Hellen Colley Johnston, Calra C.Telfair and Leah C. Welty/$350,000/Section 31, Township 10 North, Range 21 East 5.77 acres (more or less)

Robert Lewis Cummings and Kitty L. Schell to Robert Lewis Cummings/No Total/10646 Hwy 231 Brundidge Alabama, 10794 Hwy 231 and 875 HWY 93 Brundidge, Alabama

Ellisco to Donald and Sara L. Dunbar/$150,000/307 Murphree Street

Ken Harris Jr. (aka Kenneth) and Vonda B. Harris to Ethan L. Harris and Eden Harris Lunn/$168,730/1360 Springhill (off Hwy 167)

Tina M. Hurst and Troy Bank and Trust Company to Troy Bank and Trust Company/$31,128.60/815 Co. Rd. 3314

Patsy and William Jinright to Jerrid W. Olmstead/$85,000/1122 Brundidge Blvd

Tail Gate Properties and Troy Bank and Trust to Troy Bank and Trust/$108,953.08/300 Woodland Circle


December 31, 2012

Rolan A. Hester IV to James Canerday V/$215,285/6044 Co. Rd. 7707

Imogene A. Pinckard and Regions Bank Trustee to Jeanne Pinckard Bozeman/$678,907/Section 21, 28 and 29 Township 9 Range 21

Industrial Development Board of the City of Troy to H. Frank Thomas III/No Total/ Section 1, Township 9 Northport, Range 20 East

Industrial Development Board of the City of Troy to Wards Woodworks/No Total/ Sections 1, Township 9 North, Range 20 East

Emery K. Kyser to Salem Properties/$77,430/Vrious properties in Pike County

Clemmie M. Martin to Troy-Pike Habitat for Humanity/$7,900/Lot No. 21 Block A Oakland Heights Subdivision


January 2, 2013

John M and Michael M. Green to John M. Green/$176,715/837 Circle and 107 West Church Street


January 3, 2013

Brittany L. Carisle to Robert Carisle/$49,330/1334 Co.Rd.3339 Brundidge, AL

Colethia Catrett to Joseph Catrett/$31,010/ 6 acres on Co. Rd 1114

Gloria and Paul Grant to Garrison and Michael Gracey/ $10,500/1.16 acres and 58.85 acres Section 5 and 8, Township 12 North, Range 21 East

Michael C. McVay to Ronnie McKinney/$182,000, 1283 Elm St Rd.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church to Mary L. Blair and Thomas W. Blair Sr./$10,000/ ½ Lot No. 2, 3,4,5 of Blair Block No. 4, Town of Tennille

Southern Specialty Properties to James B. and Megan Q. Sluder/ $145,000/102 Inverness Drive


January 7, 2012

Todd H. Carpenter to Paula B. Carpenter/$166,410/107 Sherwood Avenue

TPC Properties to Paula Carpente/$36,950/111 White Drive


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