Man arrested for threats against CHHS student

Published 11:00pm Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Charles Henderson High School was on alert Wednesday until police arrested a Dothan man for making a terrorist threat.

According to Troy Police Sgt. Benny Scarbrough, Kenya Demon Flowers, 22, was arrested by Dothan Police Wednesday afternoon about 1 and transported to Troy to face charges.

Troy City Schools Superintendent Lee Hicks said a 17-year-old student at CHHS who “had words on the phone [Tuesday] night” with Flowers told school officials Wednesday morning that during the conversation Flowers “basically said he was coming to Troy to get her at the school.”

Once the administration learned about the threats, officials immediately notified law enforcement authorities and the TPD School Resource Officer began working with the police department’s Detective Division.

“When you say that about a school, we put our police in place. Period,” Hicks said.

Hicks said he and other administrators were at the Charles Henderson High School campus, as well as additional police officers, Wednesday morning until Flowers was in custody in Dothan.

“Our presence was more precautionary than anything,” Hicks said.

Flowers was charged with making a terrorist threat and transferred to the Pike County Jail where his bond is $15,000.


  • Observer

    Flowers “basically said he was coming to Troy to get her at the school.” According to the Dothan Eagle, police alleged that in the Troy case the Dothan man had threatened to “shoot up her (CHHS) school.” Either the Troy Superintendent was ignorant of the facts of the case or he was intentionally misrepresenting the facts to make it appear to be less of a threat than was intended. By understating the threat the Superintendent made it appear police had acted irresponsibly to something far short of a terrorist threat.

    In another case in Dothan an adult was refused entrance to one door at a school and directed to another door – the adult was outraged and said, “they can shoot up this whole school as far as I care” according to reports made to police.

    That does not sound like much of a threat. According to the report the woman made no threat herself to do anything, she simply expressed her outrage at being told to use another door by saying she would not care if someone did something. It is akin to telling someone you hoped the Deity would condemn his soul to eternal punishment – - both suggesting someone else might act but neither having any measurable authority to cause either action to take place.

    As for the likelihood that either statement would come to fruition, it would seem more probable that spiteful persons will find it easy to accuse someone of making a threat just to get them thrown into jail – it will boil down to a swearing contest in court.

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  • Prophet

    I agree with you on this Observer. I think both of these charges are foolish. I know they did it for the psychological effect but that doesn’t alter the fact that it is foolish. As far as the guy in troy is concerned , as far as we know he girlfriend might have made it up because she was mad at him.

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