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Who are the freeloaders?

Published 11:00pm Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some of the biggest freeloaders are the businesses who are not paying their workers a living wage. If the minimum wage had kept pace with inflation it would be between $11 and $12 instead of less than $8.

Many of those on food stamps and other assistance work very hard. They are your fast-food workers and many others who serve you every day.

These businesses who are paying workers less than $11 – $12 a day are some of the biggest freeloaders.

So, the next time you eat off the dollar menu think! Would it perhaps be better if workers were paid fairly and subsidies ended and your burger was $1.50?

Michael Mullen


CHHS Trojans celebrate homecoming week

At Charles Henderson High School, we are excited about the start of the 2012-2013 school year.

We find ourselves at the end of our first nine week grading period and we are striving to make our community proud in all of our endeavors. Charles Henderson High School has a proud tradition that everyone is committed to honoring today. Everyone at Charles Henderson High School proudly walks the halls and the campus revering all of those who came before us.

Homecoming 2012 is being celebrated this week.

We have enjoyed our traditional bonfire on the campus of Charles Henderson High School and have embarked on a new tradition.

Our students proudly wore the orange and blue at the stadium pep rally located at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

These events allow our students to embrace what makes Charles Henderson so special.

We extend to everyone an open invitation to attend the CHHS Homecoming Assembly, Homecoming Parade, and the football contest that will cap our Homecoming festivities. The following events will be held on Friday, October 12, 2012:

• CHHS Homecoming Assembly 2012: 10 a.m. at Wagoner Hall – CHHS

• CHHS Homecoming Parade 2012: 3 p.m. in Downtown Troy

• CHHS vs. Headland High School 7 p.m. at Veterans Memorial Stadium

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Homecoming and look forward to seeing everyone at our events on Friday!


Boyd K. English, Ed.D

Principal, CHHS


  • BH1880

    I do not remember exactly, but when I started work minimum wage was $1.25. Gas was 28.9 cents, cokes were 15 cents, bread was 35 cents and everyone that wanted to work had a job. When minimum wage goes up, cost goes up. An employer has the choice of raising prices or laying off workers. Poor people do not hire workers. Now many jobs have gone overseas.

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  • OldSchoolPike3Worker

    I can’t fathom an industry full of businesses that screw up my orders at least 50% of the time, paying their employees $11 per hour.

    Get my order right and make cheese burgers that actually have buns instead of slapped together meat and bread, stop making me eat my fries out of the bottom of the bag after they were thrown in there in a hurry. And by all means, when I order a #1 combo, don’t give me a #3 instead! Is it that difficult?

    Why should a fast food employee make $11 when an actual waiter that brings my food to me and then serves me during my entire meal is paid less than minimum wage and is working for tips?

    And another thing, customer service has declined so much in the fast food industry, that customers are now welcomed with a prerecorded greeting upon driving up to a drive thru order sign. Why should someone who doesn’t even have to greet me with a friendly voice get paid such a high hourly wage? Seriously, all they have to say is “Drive forward.” that’s it!

    Fast food is starting to cost as much as dine in restaurants anyway!

    If you are not happy with your wages, then improve your job skills and get a better paying job! Don’t tell me you can’t afford it, there is financial aid at every school!

    You not entitled to anything but the opportunity to work hard in this country! If you want more money, then you will just have to earn it like everybody else.

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    • OldSchoolPike3Worker

      Excuse my grammar in the last sentence but it doesn’t matter, there are a whole lot of people who will not see anything wrong with it anyway.

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