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Troy anxious to host first-ever SEC opponent as Miss. St. visits

Published 10:21pm Tuesday, September 11, 2012

To call Troy’s matchup with Mississippi State this weekend a big game could be considered an understatement.

Troy is not only looking to bounce back from an emotional loss to Louisiana-Lafayette but reestablish themselves as a dominate program at Veterans Memorial Stadium and in the Sun Belt Conference.

“They’re all big but playing Mississippi State, an SEC team, in our stadium should be a great experience,” head coach Larry Blakeney said. “I watched a good bit of their game with Auburn. They are tough on defense and know what they want to do with the ball offensively.”

The last BCS conference opponent to set foot on Larry Blakeney Field was Oklahoma State in 2007. The Trojans won that contest, 41-23.

Troy will go into the contest without starting right guard Zach Johnson, who suffered a concussion against Louisiana-Lafayette.

“The main thing is that he gets healthy, but the big thing for us is that we lose a starter,” Blakeney said. “He’s a smart guy and is a big loss for us.”

Corey Robinson was also banged up following his 485-yard passing performance last week, but coaches fell he will be ready to go for the Mississippi State game.

Blakeney is hoping for a large crowd on Saturday and the statistics tell the reason. Troy is 15-2 in the school’s top 17 attendance games.

Tickets for the game are still available. In a press release sent out by the athletics department on Tuesday ticket manager Scott Smith said he has been receiving a large quantity of calls this week.

“We’ve been busy since we opened for business on Monday,” Smith said. “Our fans are excited about Mississippi State coming to Troy and you can tell by the amount of traffic we have had on the phone, in person and online.”

Fans can purchase tickets for the game by calling 1-877-878-WINS, by visiting the Troy ticket office or by logging on to Tickets are $35 for reserved seats and $25 for general admission.

Kickoff for Troy and Mississippi State is set for 6 p.m. Saturday.

  1. Omelas

    “Troy is not only looking to bounce back from an emotional loss….” –from story

    ROTFLMBO! They’d better send 50 buckets of spoiled KFC chicken over to the MSU field house on Thursday if they want anything other than drug all over the field. LOL!

    “…and they know what the want to do with the ball offensively.” — Coach Blakeny, from story

    Yeah, and I’m sure they are going to put it some places the Trojans won’t like!

    What is the deal with Troy? From kindergarten through the University, everyone tries to be something they are not.

    I would hope that the TU players are smart enough to realize that they are nothing but pawns to be beaten and bruised for the sake of money and a few folks’ egos.

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  2. WDM

    Omelas,I forgot to ask does the user name pierce ring a bell.

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  3. Fred the Dorf-Dorfman

    Omelas or sour puss (what ever people call you). Wes writes a great story about our team and city. You on the other hand twist and lash out against any progress we are making. I am with trojanchad leave this town, go watch your communist news network and sour puss somewhere else. You need to have a talk with the Lord and get a few items straight in life. To WDM. I like your post. Thank you for supporting Troy University Football. To Trojan Chad. Were you the male majorette in the sound of the south during the late 1980′s? If that was you man you could sure twirl a baton. Will you be attending the homecoming sound of the south alumni band this year?

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  4. ilovefood

    Louisian Monroe(sunbelt team) the conference in which TROY is in. SAY HELLO!!!! they beat an SEC team in ARKANSAS LAST SATURDAY! guess what there higher ups are money hungry too!! BUT yea…

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  5. Fred the Dorf-Dorfman

    Sorry Trojan chad. It was brought to my attention the baton guy could have been you. I was in Perry Florida today and showed a guy the post from sour puss Olmeas. He said Olmeas is probably a guy in jail with nothing to do. It could be correct thst he is a jail bird. I’m a graduate of Troy myself 2002. Wish I knew who you were. It would be fun to hang out with a good guy. Have fun at the game and it looks like I will be out of town so cheer for me. Do you think the county jail will let sour puss out to watch the game?

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  6. Loki

    Wow, it seems like a lot of the posters on here have some deep hatred of Omelas that I just don’t understand.

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  7. Bill_OReally

    Outstanding effort, Trojans. I tip my hat to you.

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  8. Trojan97

    Here goes Omelas again! The Messenger cannot write an article about sports or athletics without his whining! I seriously think that Omelas has been picked on most of his life by jocks or something. Get over it Sour Puss! Good luck Trojans! In think it will be a better game than some think.

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  9. Loki

    Omelas I must agree with you that the post not the person should be attacked. Not everyone who lives in Troy shares in the values that you seem to believe that we all share while an even smaller percent share in the view of this city that you have.

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  10. trojanchad

    You’re probably right, ’97. Om hates everything about the city of Troy and the University. I don’t think it’s all that unreasonable to suggest he look for another place to live where he might be happier.

    Om, did you go by the field house yet? Every time I’ve been to the ticket office I’ve met several players moving about.

    Find one who looks like he spends his time on the line (either side of the ball will do) and tell him he doesn’t have any talent. Tell him he isn’t good enough to play for some school you’ve seen on the teevee.

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  11. Omelas

    That is the purpose of a comments section…open discourse between various viewpoints.

    We gain nothing by constantly having our current views affirmed. We gain perpective by considering the merits and limitations of opposing viewpoints.

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