Pick a question, any question

I first noticed the disturbing trait in my friend during lunch, about two years ago. “Ask me anything,” ...


What will you decide on Sept. 18?

An interesting letter crossed my inbox this week: “I heard that last week in Montgomery, a state legislator told ...


Pike County’s senate status secure

“I feel a lot of times in the Legislature like the new, young upstart,” state Sen. Bryan Taylor ...


We all scream for ice cream this month

A couple of years ago, on a hot July night, we were setting up tables at Franklin Fields ...


‘Dependency culture’ keeps growing

Speaking to group of high school students at a leadership conference, Dr. Judson Edwards asked a simple question: ...


When the mail becomes too much

When I was little, getting the mail was a treat. I remember trips to the Post Office in ...


The heartbeat of downtown is strong

Tuesday night found us driving laps around the Square in Oxford, Miss., looking for a prized parking spot ...


The Dart: Taking aim and telling stories

With a black-and-white checked blindfold covering her eyes, Robbyn Brooks lined up her dart and took aim.


Pictures and printed words are lasting

The cardboard box landed on the floor with a loud thud. Within minutes of its opening, photographs were ...


It’s time to enjoy ‘Building Blocks’ again

It’s been a while since I played with building blocks – probably a dozen years since the boys ...

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