We need to avoid ‘the easy road’

Published 3:00 am Saturday, June 24, 2017

In a turn of a socialistic switch i.e. Obamacare decimated the health care industry. It decimated capitalism and its power to revolutionize and optimized solutions providing the best products and services at the lowest cost. Capitalism the core which made USA great. “The easy road” is now the socialistic switch which destroys motivation, investments and the sacrifices of those seeking the American dream. It is an easy road for those who haven’t a clue the power of capitalism. We must keep in mind the people benefiting from socialistic switches. Key beneficiaries like government workers, and welfare beneficiaries. As beneficiaries grow so does the death spiral measured like a fever using the nation debt as the temperature. The beneficiaries no longer care to understand and or take pride in what made and makes America great a self centered ideological hypocrisy that derives their life blood from USA but fails to believe in its culture. The “the easy road” is for beneficiaries to vote for more government and more handouts. Socialism doesn’t leave bridges back to capitalism. Restarting capitalism is difficult as witnessed by so many countries trying to recover from socialism. It is expensive, complicated and it is a cultural attribute taking many years to establish and so little to destroy. The “real easy road” is a simple moral compass dictated by laws that we all can understand without armies of lawyers. The bigger the government the more complication. The explosion in our government with mountains of laws, rules, regulations has created a massive paper pushing industry that feeds on itself. The byproduct of this socialistic explosion places huge psychological and financial loads on backs of citizens destroying motivation and ultimately capitalism. The weak succumb to government rule “the easy road”. The “hard road” is reestablishing that capitalism is a part of a shared cultural value in USA and socialism is not. Many problems are cored in the lack of education, lack of focus and motivation that grows with socialism. Hard road leads to the easy road and it comes free through education.

David Larsen


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