Golden Boy ramps up

Published 6:33 am Friday, February 17, 2012

Golden Boy Foods, Ltd. began production on the first order for peanut butter from the Troy facility on Wednesday, and the sound of peanuts grinding still filled the company’s office Thursday.

“That’s the sound of peanut butter,” said Golden Boy President and CEO Richard Harris.

The first order off the production line will be 15,000 pounds of peanut butter for a company in the Southeast U.S.

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Currently, the local factory is producing peanut butter in pails and boxes, Harris explained. Those orders will most likely go to catering companies. Within a couple of months, Golden Boy will be looking to produce its product in jars for grocery stores.

Although at this time he isn’t certain where and when, Harris said he anticipates locally-produced peanut butter being available in Pike County grocery stores.

Harris said the Troy facility has received its Health Department certification and kosher certification, but they will work toward others in the next few months, including an organic certification.

“It’s a slow development,” Harris said. “It’s almost like building a house. Some challenges pop up. Some are small, others take a little time, but things are going well.”

Golden Boy will be hiring two mechanics in the near future and will make a staffing decision on whether or not to bring in a second shift by the middle of the year.

There is space, Harris said, to create an almond and cashew butter line, but the company will first focus on producing top-notch peanut butter for an expanding client base.

“There are lots of people working hard here,” Harris said. “It’s nice to have production starting up.”