Lock in to be held at library

Published 9:23 pm Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The music librarian at Troy Public Library has been found dead.

The cause of the death was first thought to have been a heart attack but the death is now being treated as a homicide, said Teresa Colvin, TPL young adult librarian.

“We invite young adults ages 12 to18 to join us in trying to solve the ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Over Dead” mystery at the Troy Public Library’s Murder Mystery Lock-In from 7 until 9 p.m. on Thursday, July 15,” Colvin said. “Each ‘detective’ will be encouraged to investigate the crime scene and examine the evidence in order to solve the crime.”

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Colvin said the Murder Mystery Lock-Ins at TPL have been very popular of the past eight years and she expects a full house for the “Rock ‘N’ Roll Over Dead” mystery lock-in.

“Young adults enjoy the Murder Mystery Lock-Ins because they are interactive and, too, we have college students who play the characters and the detectives are able to interrogate them, so it’s challenging and also a lot of fun,” Colvin said.

“Of course, I put in a few things to throw the detectives off. They can work as hard as they want to solve the crime or they can go about it casually.”

The first person to solve the crime receives a $25 reward.

Some detectives prefer to work alone, but others would rather work in a group and split the money if they are the first to solve the crime.

Solving the crime involves more than just a lucky guess. Each detective is given a “crime report’ to complete. The report includes the name of the murderer, the motive, how the murder was carried out, the weapon used to and evidence to support the solution.

“As each sheet in turned in, we record the time,” Colvin said. “The first detective with all correct answers is the winner. The winner may or may not be the first to turn in his or her crime report. In fact, I can’t think of a year when the first person to turn in their sheet was the winner. So, it’s often better to take a little longer and make sure that all answers are correct before turning in the ‘report.’”

The Murder Mystery Lock-In is a popular summer activity for TPL young adult readers.

“Our young adults look forward to the Murder Mystery Lock-In every summer,” Colvin said. “We’ll serve hotdogs, chips, soft drinks and ice cream to the detectives and the cast of characters so it will be a night of intrigue, food and fun. But, we have a limited number of tickets available so those who don’t call or come by soon, may have waited too late.”

Call Colvin at 566-1314 or stop by the Troy Public Library and pick up a free ticket to the Murder Mystery Lock-In on July 15.