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CHHS vandalism acts being probed

Charles Henderson High School and Troy Police officers continue to investigate an act of vandalism to the school.

Troy Police Spokesman Sgt. Benny Scarbrough said the department received a report of vandalism at CHHS around 12:30 a.m. Friday.

“The call was in reference to someone spray painting one or more of the buildings,” he said.

He said there was also evidence garbage had been left on the property.

Scarbrough said officers and high school officials have questioned some of the suspects in reference to the occurrence and the investigation continues.

According to David Helms, principal of the CHHS, despite the vandals intent the situation was not funny.

Since then, the vandalism has been cleaned up and the investigation seeks to discover those behind the act.

“We came on campus, we found the vandalism, we cleaned it up and now we’re trying to investigate and find out what really happened,” Helms said.

“Somebody’s idea of a prank probably, but it wasn’t funny to us,” he added.

Helms said he couldn’t release much information since the investigation is ongoing, but he did say that the vandalism involved mostly trash.

Linda Felton-Smith, superintendent of Troy City Schools, said she was informed of the inappropriate activity that took place at Charles Henderson High School by Helms, and she is also awaiting the completion of their investigation.

When asked whether expulsion or suspension would be a possible punishment for the perpetrators, she responded by saying that the she would need more information.

“At this point, I do not have enough information to make a comment of that nature,” Smith said. “I am waiting for Mr. Helms to complete the investigation.”