The farm in the fall

Published 10:00 pm Saturday, September 27, 2008

Faith Farms is not the usual kind of farm.

There are no pigs in the parlor or a mule hitched to the plow.

There’s no cotton to pick or peanuts to stack, so that might lead folks to wonder what Faith Farms is all about.

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For Sam and Kristy Williams, Faith Farms is a way of life. It’s the way God has led them to live their lives, raise their children and share the beauty and wonder of His creation with others.

Faith Farms is unlike the traditional farm in many ways but so like it in other ways.

It’s nontraditional in the sense that it’s a learning “field” for children and traditional in the values and worth ethic that were once honed on family farms all across the country.

The farm is tucked away on County Road 6628, just below downtown Josie. The “farm” animals include an unusual menagerie – kangaroos, fennec foxes, ringtail limas, a mountain sheep and a sweet, loving camel.

The Williams’ children are home schooled in academics and in agri-demics.

Wesley, 9; Kyle, 7; and Lane, 5 feed and water the animals and provide them with more tender, loving care than any animals could ever hope to have. Baby sister, Savannah, 1, is doing her best to keep up with her brothers and they are helping her right along.

The farm has been more than a year in “cultivating” but Sam said it’s coming along at a good clip and more and more people are finding their way to the place of their faith.

“We opened this place on faith and we believe that it will prosper,” he said.

The Williams didn’t sit back and wait for things to happen. They have invested time, money and backbreaking “energy” into making Faith Farms a place where people of all ages can come and leave feeling better about themselves and the world around them.

“We offer school and church field trips, which are educational experiences that include exciting hands-on activities,” Kristy said. “We have a variety of kid-friendly animals and a petting zoo. We have farms animals like donkeys, goats, sheep and chickens. And, then we have animals that are not seen on the farm but are favorites of children. Our camel is the latest addition to the farm and he’s so friendly. Everybody loves him.”

The fall is a special time at Faith Farms because the Pumpkin Patch is open.

“We are excited about the Pumpkin Patch this year because we have more pumpkins for the children to pick from,” Sam said. “The Pumpkin Patch is a hayride away in a field along a trail that Kristy has decorated. The hayride stops at the Pumpkin Patch and everyone gets to pick out their own pie pumpkin. Kids love to run from one end of the patch to the other, picking out their pumpkins.”

The hayride to the Pumpkin Patch is along a shaded trace and takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.

“We wanted the ride to be long enough that people could enjoy it,” Sam said. “And the hayride to the Pumpkin Patch does not conclude your visit to Faith Farms. We’ve had people come when we open at 10 a.m. on Saturday and stay all day. We love for people

to do that. Nobody has to be in a hurry to leave. Once you’re here, you can stay as long as you like.”

There’s plenty to do at Faith Farms. There’s a playground, gift shop and snack shop that features a dinner menu and there are sitting areas where visitors are invited to sit back, relax and enjoy being in the great outdoors.

“We love it out here and we think that those who come to Faith Farms will have a good time and remember the experience for a long time,” Kristy said.

Faith Farms is open Monday through Friday by reservation only and open to the public from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Saturdays through Nov.1.

An admission is charged that includes a pumpkin to pick and take home. For more information, call 243-5407.