Sharks defend home

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Members of the Troy Tiger Sharks swimming team swam their way to a solid showing Thursday in the quite humid Natatorium.

As parents, coaches and fans sweated hundreds of pounds away, swimmers competed in 80 different events on the campus of Troy State University. Several Troy swimmers won or finished near the top of their competitions.

The first Troy winner of the day was James Blickenstaff. He won the Boys 9-10 100-yard competition with a time of 1:28.99. Rachel Gauspohl finished fourth in the girls 8-and-under version of that race with a time of 1:58.60.

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The girls 9-10 100-yard race went to Amanda Stefin of Dothan. Savannah Morrow and Hayden Dunn finished fourth and fifth. In the girls 11-12 division, Audrey Baron of Troy finished seventh.

Kyle Daugherty led Troy in the boys 8-and-under 25-yard breast stroke. He finished second with a time of 22.9 seconds.

Rachel Gauspohl finished second in the girls version of that race by swimming the distance in 27.09 seconds. Abby Linton finished fifth, Anna Starling finished eighth, Emily Dent ninth, Ellie Barron 10th, Kelsea Gauspohl 11th, Anna Sigurdardottir 13th and Noel Smolcic 14th.

In the boys 9-10 50-yard breast stroke, Dylan Richards finished fifth with a time of 1:19.08. The girls division of that race had five Troy residents finish the race.

Heidi Collier led Troy by finishing fourth. Erin Jordan finished fifth, Katie McKenzie finished sixth, Payton Green finished ninth and Katy Spivey finished 10th.

In the girls 11-12 50-yard breast stroke, Audrey Barron led Troy with a fourth-place finish. Amelia Spradly and Jami Wyrosdick finished the race as well for Troy.

In the boys 13-14 50-yard breast stroke, Lee Stell finished sixth. In the girls race in 13-14, Lauren Thompson and Jessica Pearlstein finished seventh and eighth.

Bethany Welch, Gwendolyn Spivey and Brittany Davis competed in the women's 15-18 50-yard breast stroke.

Kyle Daugherty brought Troy back into the top with a second-place finish in the boys 8-and-under 25-yard freestyle race. Noah Allison, Jacob Bensinger, Joseph Wyrosdick and Ryan Jones also competed in the race.

Elizabeth McKenzie, Faith Spivey, Sigurdardottir, Hannah Scarbrough, Anna Olsen and Shealy Copeland competed in the girls' side of the race. Abby Linton, Noel Smolcic, Mary Starling, Casey Meeks, Kelsea Gauspohl, Taylor Eaton and Anna Starling also swam the race.

The boys 9-10 50-yard freestyle event had only two Troy representatives. Terry Kersey and Dylan Richards swam that race.

Erin Jordan finished second in the girls 9-10 50-yard freestyle, Savannah Morrow finished third and Hayden Dunn finished fourth. Katie McKenzie, Payton Green and Katy Spivey also finished the race.

In the boys 11-12 event, Thomas Dent finished second and Stephen Pearlstein finished eighth.

Jamie Wyrosdick, Amelia Spradly and Audrey Barron swam the girls 11-12 event. Lee Stell competed in the boys 13-14, and Lauren Thompson and Jessica Pearlstein competed in the girls 13-14. Bethany Welch and Brittany Davis competed in the women's 15-18.

Troy finished third in the boys' 8-and-under 100-yard relay. Noah Allison, Ryan Jones, Kyle Daugherty and Jacob Bensinger helped Troy to that finish.

The 8-and-under girls finished first and third in their version of the race. Emily Dent, Abby Linton, Elizabeth McKenzie and Rachel Gauspohl led the winners. Anna Sigurdardottir, Mary Starling, Shealy Copeland and Anna Starling led the other Troy team.

Troy finished second in the girls' 9-10 200-yard medley relay. Erin Jordan, Heidi Collier, Hayden Dunn and Savannah Morrow were the members of that team.

Ellie Barron claimed third for Troy in the girls' 8-and-under 25-yard fly. James Blickenstaff won the boys' title in the 9-10-year-old 50-yard fly.

The girls' 9-10 50-yard-fly went to Savannah Morrow and Hayden Dunn, who finished third and fourth respectively.

The boys 11-12 competition was a narrow race. Thomas Dent missed first place by only .25 seconds and finished second. Jami Wyrosdick finished fourth in the girls' 11-12 race.

Kyle Daugherty then returned for another top finish in the boys' 8-and-under 25-yard backstroke. He finished third. Noah Allison, Joseph Wyrosdick, Jacob Bensinger and Ryan Jones also finished for Troy.

The girls' 8-and-under backstroke field included 13 Troy swimmers. Rachel Gauspohl, Elizabeth McKenzie, Noel Smolcic, Emily Dent, Casey Meeks, Shealy Copeland, Abby Linton, Taylor Eaton, Faith Spivey, Kelsea Gauspohl, Mary Starling, Ellie Barron and Anna Starling all competed in that event.

The boys' 9-10 50-yard backstroke included two Troy swimmers. Terry Kersey and Dylan Richards finished the race for Troy.

The girls' field included Erin Jordan, Heidi Collier, Payton Green, Katie McKenzie and Katy Spivey.

The boys' 11-12 included Troy swimmers Thomas Dent and Stephen Pearlstein, who finished second and fourth respectively. Lauren Gordon finished ninth for the girls' 11-12. Jessica Pearlstein finished seventh in the girls' 13-14 division.

Three Troy swimmers competed in the women's 15-18 50-yard backstroke. Bethany Welch, Brittany Davis and Gwendolyn Spivey swam for Troy.

The girls' 8-and-under 50-yard freestyle event included four Troy swimmers. Rachel Gauspohl, Emily Dent, Elizabeth McKenzie and Anna Sigurdardottir swam for Troy.

James Blickenstaff won the boys' 9-and-10 100-yard freestyle event and Terry Kersey finished fourth. Lauren Thompson represented Troy in the girls' 13-14 100-yard freestyle.

Three more Troy teams finished relay races in the top 5.

In the girls' 8-and-under 100-yard freestyle relay, Troy took home first and fourth-place finished. Rachel Gauspohl, Elizabeth McKenzie, Anna Sigurdardottir and Emily Dent were on the winning team. Casey Meeks, Kelsea Gauspohl, Abby Linton and Anna Starling finished fourth.

In the girls' 9-and-10 200-yard freestyle relay, Troy took home second place. Katy Spivey, Hayden Dunn, Erin Jordan and Savannah Morrow were on that team.