Honor our fallen soldiers

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 26, 2002

Monday is Memorial Day, a poignant holiday in a nation’s history. On this day, we stop to honor the hundreds of thousands of men and women who

have died protecting the freedoms of our country.

The holiday began after the Civil War, when Americans stopped to honor those

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who had died during that war on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line.

Growing from one of the most painful and divisive events in our nation’s

history, Memorial Day has grown to become one of the most unifying holidays,

particularly this year.

Even a cursory glance through history tells of the toll of war. Hundreds of

thousands men and women died along the way, from the Revolutionary War to the

Civil War to the two World Wars that defined the 20th Century.

In most recent history, the Gulf War and now this raging war on terrorism will

claim their heroes, as well.

Throughout the years and the history books, one simple fact remains constant:

These men and women so loved their country – from its democracy to its hope – that they were willing to give their lives to protect it.

On Memorial Day, we give a prayer of thanks to all of those who came before – and will come in the future. We are forever in their debt.  

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