Tourism is a great pull for state

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 25, 2002

Alabama is certainly a place that people should want to come.

With all of the different landscapes, from the mountains in the north part of the state to the wide streams and rivers in the south, plus the beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast, what else could anyone ask for. Plus our climate is rather mild when compared to other states to the north. Why shouldn’t we be able to attract tourists to our wonderful state?

On Thursday Frances Smiley, who is the assistant director of tourism for the State of Alabama, spoke at the tourism luncheon held at the Holiday Inn in Troy, and hosted by the Pike County Chamber of Commerce. She pointed out that the growing trend in tourism is heritage and history, and that Alabama has plenty of both.

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So right she is. There are plenty of great historical sites in our state if we are just willing to go out and look for them. Take for instance the one Bill Rice Sr. to the Youth Leadership group to recently where the famous Youngblood and Gault shoot-out took place. There are probably many who live in Pike County that didn’t know they had a piece of history right in their own backyards.

And just take a ride around through some of the small rural towns in Alabama and see the grand homes build back in the 1800s.

Brewton, for example, has a street that is nothing but grand old homes, some of which have been restored to their original beauty.

If we enjoy visiting these places, why would people from other states? I think they would. Perhaps someone like Bill Rice Sr., who is knowledgeable of local history could give tours in their town of the sites that are of interest. Everyone has a story to tell, and so does every town in Alabama.

Let’s take advantage of that and bring more revenue to our state.


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