Residents support Bush’s decisions

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Staff Writer

The United States, like an experienced prize fighter, took a heavy blow from terrorists last month, but it didn’t take long to regroup as strikes began against the Taliban Sunday.

It’s becoming apparent that this is only the first of many rounds, as the Taliban is showing no sign of submission. A powerful air raid on Sunday, and then more warfare on Monday and Tuesday, sent a strong message to the terrorists. The United States used 15 bombers and fighters to wreak havoc on Taliban training camps and facilities in the attacks.

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Government officials have noted that air strikes alone will not defeat the Taliban, but they have been very effective in slowing them down.

As the war wages on President Bush is gaining support from Americans including those of Pike County. Several Pike County residents shared their reaction to the bombings of Afghanistan, and one similar statement rang clear, "President Bush is doing the right thing."

"I agree with the bombings and the officials being selective in what they’re doing. We have to show (the terrorists)

that they can’t pick on us and not expect retaliation," Elaine McCloud said. "We can’t sit back and not do anything." She said that she believes that the attacks were planned at the right time. "We’re fighting a different type of enemy and this has to be a very selective attack. I think that it has been."

Vivian L. Cole thinks that the U.S. had every right to unleash an air attack on Afghanistan despite the negative comments coming from those opposing the strikes. "They asked for what they got," Cole said. "I thought that it was time to take action as soon as they hit New York, but I think that President Bush’s timing was fine."

"I’m glad that they planned before taking action," Ernestine Armstrong said. "I don’t know if the timing was right, but if we don’t stop them now it’s just going to keep going on."

Beverly Campbell said that she thought that President Bush did a good job of protecting the U.S. first and then retaliating. "He definitely made the right decision," Campbell said. "He was very wise about getting terrorism out of the United States first."

Concerning civilian casualties Campbell said, "I hate to see civilians get hurt, but we can’t just stand around and be victims of terrorism."