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Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 30, 2000

50-year Tanyard tradition


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March 29, 2000 11 PM

There are some traditions that extend far beyond the reaches of their origin. The Tanyard Barbecue is one of those.

All roads lead to Tanyard the first Saturday in April and this year, the roads will certainly be crowded because the Tanyard Community Club will be hosting its jubilee barbecue April 1.

Those who have been going to these barbecues for 50 years will be returning and those who have yet to experience one won’t want to miss this one.

Betty Hixon, a member of the community club, said there will be no special fanfare for the 50th Annual Tanyard Barbecue – none is needed. It’s a community tradition and there is just about no way to improve on tradition.

What makes the Tanyard Barbecue "the" barbecue, Hixon said she’s not sure.

"Some say it’s the sauce. Others say it’s the hash."

The sauce has been tagged a five-star barbecue sauce by any who’ve tried it and the hash is a country gourmet delight.

"Gladys Hussey makes the sauce and just where the recipe originated, I don’t know," Hixon said. "Some people call the hash campstew but it’s not. It’s made of meat, potatoes and onions and it’s the best I’ve ever eaten."

However, the only way to get the barbecue with the secret sauce and a serving of the campstew that’s actually a hash, is to buy a barbecue plate for $5.

The barbecue is different from most others in that it’s a twilight supper.

"We start serving at 4 p.m. and go until," Hixon said. "We have take-out plates but most people enjoy the fellowship of eating in the clubhouse."

All proceeds go toward the upkeep of the clubhouse which is used for community activities and reunions, receptions, showers and parties.

Many members of the club are from families that helped to settle Tanyard.

"Even though some of the members don’t live in Tanyard anymore, they still want to be a part of the community."

Some of these former Tanyard residents will be among those who start cooking on Friday night and work tirelessly for the next 24 hours to make sure this Tanyard Community Club Barbecue measures up to its 50-year tradition.

Tanyard is located on Highway 29 north, about four miles from Josie.