Calling all CHHS faithful

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 24, 2000

Sports Editor

Something special is going on just down the road and if you’re not careful you’re might miss out on the whole thing.

If you you’ve been trapped under something heavy the past two days or just plain forgot, here’s a friendly reminder for all you sports fans: THE SOUTHEAST REGIONALS ARE BEING HELD AT TROY STATE!

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What a wonderful opportunity even if your favorite team didn’t make it this far. The quality of basketball, top to bottom, has been stellar. The drama is always high and you can just about expect an all-out effort from any team that takes the court at Trojan Arena.

Well, for all you folks in Troy, or even those just around Pike County, I’ve got a good reason for you to show up today at noon. The Charles Henderson Lady Trojans are playing their first game in the Regional after blowing out Chelsea High School in the Sub-Regionals and will need as much help as they can get.

I’ve made quite a few trips to Trojan Arena in the past couple of days and the atmosphere over there is electric. For just about every team there has been a sizable section of fanatic fans and the Charles Henderson girls hope to see a large crowd of fans rooting for them as well.

"I think it will be exciting having a big crowd because we’re not used to that," guard Kelly Miller said.

"It’s going to be a very exciting game and they’re letting all the high school students out so we’ll have a crowd," Jenean Deveridge said. "Tuskegee isn’t that far away either so they should have a good crowd too."

People have been coming from a long way to support their teams so far. Probably the best example of fan support I’ve seen so far was during the Trinity Elba matchup yesterday in which a horde of Trinity fans crowded into the stands behind the goal and cheered their team to an upset win over the Tigers.

They screamed, waved their hands, chanted group cheers together and did everything they could to show support for their team and even try and alter the outcome. There isn’t any excuse for anything less come Noon today.

The Lady Trojans have paid their dues and have a great chance to make it to Birmingham. The city of Troy and the students at Charles Henderson High School owe this team every ounce of support they can give.

Students will be able to check out of school for the game and with Trojan Arena actually within walking distance of the campus itself, there is no excuse for there not being a huge section of students yelling there heads off as the Lady Trojans try and upset a ranked Booker T. Washington team.

"It helps when you get cheers when you do something good," head coach Dyneshia Jones said. "The fans help you out and let you know what’s going on. They’ll turn a game around every time."

Tipoff, noon, BE THERE!