Leadership questions arise from governor’s comments

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 1, 1999

Published Oct. 1, 1999

No Plan B? It’s the result of reckless behavior and poor leadership if Governor Don Siegelman’s words are true.

Siegelman was elected on his lottery for education campaign, and if what he says is true, he has nothing further to contribute to the educational process should the lottery vote fail. Nada. Zip.

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This is one of the most unwise things the shrewd governor has said.

It’s obvious that he’s playing politics in order to help push his proposal through when the people have the chance to vote on Oct. 12. Though what he says may make good politics, it doesn’t make good sense.

Alabama is sorely in need of a better educational system, and it is obvious that money will be necessary to make improvements. But to chain the future of the children of Alabama to an idea that is so common now in the Southeast that it’s a cliché is nonsense. Add to that problem that there are no guarantees that the vote will fare well for Siegelman.

Governor Siegelman needs to assemble a Plan B team and get it in place quickly if he and his campaign for the lottery plan to fight the vocal and staunch opposition that is coming from well-funded Christian organizations bent on demolishing the bill as a form of legalized gambling.

This nonsense about not having a backup plan to help improve the quality of education in Alabama shows a lack of insight and poor leadership on the part of the governor. He should know better. In politics, there are no sure things. And the same is true in lotteries.