Brundidge job losses show

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 12, 1999

continued need to recruit business

Published Sept. 12, 1999

The work of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce is never complete.

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Facing the loss of jobs from a plant in Brundidge, it is as important now as ever for Pike County citizens and leaders to rally together to promote industrial prospects to come to the area.

The Chamber has done an admirable job in past years to pull in new business and the community has been supportive. Now, more than ever, the Pike County Chamber of Commerce and the people of the Brundidge plant who will be without work need that continued support more than ever.

The economy of an area is a cyclical thing. What goes around comes around. Job loss will affect us all, directly or indirectly. That is the selfish reason behind supporting the chamber’s recruitment.

But there’s another reason to rally together to bring in new business – altruism, or the spirit of helping others.

If selfish motivation isn’t enough, consider the people who will be without incomesand their children. Consider the blow the business community will take when thousands of dollars quit circulating. Consider your friends and relatives who will be without work should there be a huge economic impact from the job loss.

Support the chamber and its efforts. Support those who seek to bring jobs here. Try to be sympathetic to those who may be without work. The economy affects us all.