Task force cashes in

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 17, 1999

on 1998 drug raid


Staff Writer

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Published Aug. 17, 1999

Drug dealers have pumped $55,303.32 into the fight against narcotics in Pike County because of land seized last year in a Pike County Drug Task Force raid.

"The 58 acres of land, including a cabin, was seized in June 1998 as a result of an investigation by the Drug Task Force in Pike County," said Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas. "The money will be deposited into an account for law enforcement so that we can continue the fight against drugs in our community."

According to Thomas, the land was sold at a public auction for a total amount of $102,000. The U.S. Marshal Service was entitled to a certain percentage with the rest going to the Pike County Sheriff Department and the Drug Task Force.

"We just want the public to know the task force is working," said Thomas, who estimates $68,000 has been brought in in the last six months because of the task force. "We still have problems, but we are doing something about it."

The Pike County Sheriff’s Department and the Troy Police Department work hand in hand to fight crime and drugs in the area.

"Agencies like the Drug Task Force brings our law enforcement agencies closer together," said Troy Police Department Chief Anthony Everage. "They work closer together now than they ever have and it is making a big difference in Pike County, the city of Troy and the surrounding areas."

Everage said land seizures are important in the fight against drugs and crime.

"Land seizures discourage people from trafficking narcotics," said Everage. "The biggest advantage we have going for us, as a law enforcement agency, is the fear of loss of property and money."

The money will be used by both agencies and the task force to maintain sting operations, buy equipment and maintain the drug task force.